The Burger King Ad That Activated Google Home Just Won A Prestigious Award

The Burger King Ad That Activated Google Home Just Won A Prestigious Award

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The growing popularity of voice activated speakers can be troublesome: one of the biggest fast food companies, Burger King, used the OK Google trigger in their commercial to activate Google Assistant and Google Home, prompting the service in thousands of households. The annoying ad has just won a prestigious Cannes Lions’ Grand Prix award.

Burget King first posted this 15-second ad online in April. In the video, a Burger King employee explains that 15 seconds is just not enough to list all the fresh ingredients that make up the Whopper sandwich. At the end, he looks at the camera and says: “OK, Google, what is the Whopper burger?”. If your Google Home speaker or Google Assistant had always-listening enabled, the device started to read the first lines from the Whopper’s Wikipedia site. Watch it yourself:

Shortly after the ad was posted, Google updated the Assistant and disabled that specific clip, so Home would no longer respond to the ad. Annoyed users had also started to edit the Wikipedia page to say that Whopper is a bad hamburger, and so on. As a result, Wikipedia prevented the page from being edited.

Apparently, not everyone disliked Burger King’s advert. The prestigious 64th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity awarded the ad with a Grand Prix prize. The jury’s president Ted Lim said that the jury was impressed at how Burger King messed with people, and got directly into their houses by taking advantage of an emerging technology. We are unsure whether such an intrusive ad should get any awards, though it certainly was a new form of creativity in advertising.

Hopefully, other companies won’t take Burger King’s innovative ad as an inspiration, though.

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Source: Android Authority