Calc+ Is the Calculator of the Future

Calc+ Is the Calculator of the Future

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The Calculator app is one of these small tools that we can’t really live without. And in practice, we use them quite often. Physical calculators were replaced by phones ages ago. And with Android, the calculator app can take the form of a full fledged scientific calculator tool.

Every Android phone has a calculator installed, but to be honest it’s far from being great. There are some great alternatives available in the market, like the Calc+ application by XDA Senior Member thotran7989. This calculator allows you to perform basic calculations as well as using some advanced functions like square root or trigonometric functions. If you enter a bad value, you can fix it by simply tapping on it and entering the new one.

If you have something to share, this application allows you to do so, just select which activity you want to use and you’re done. If you find the default skin boring or not nice enough, you can use one of many themes and fonts. Some of them are free while the rest requires a small fee. The calculator’s functionality isn’t limited in any kind.

Start calculating in the new, professional and pretty way with Calc+. You can get it from the Calc+ application thread.