Calculate Your Wealth with Work Calculator

Calculate Your Wealth with Work Calculator

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Work is inevitable and important element of our lives. We have to work, and more than likely, most of us dread it. But I would like to present you with an application that will help you know how much money you’ve earned.

The application comes from XDA Forum Member marduc812. It helps you track your hours spent at work. It calculates the amount of money you earn daily, weekly, and monthly, so you know exactly how much you’re getting per time period. The application also generates an entry in Google Calendar, so your data can be easily recovered in the event of a wiped partition or broken device.

Work Calculator also has settings to input an amount of money earned per hour or set the currency. Unfortunately only 4 currencies are available at the moment, but it’s more about number than the actual currency unit. If you are paid weekly, the app can reset itself every week. Work Calculator can be used on every device running Android 4.0 or greater.

This useful tool can be found in the application thread, so make your way there and download it to your device and give it a try.