Call Someone’s Bluff with Mexico 1.0 – The Dice Game

Call Someone’s Bluff with Mexico 1.0 – The Dice Game

There are several card games for the WM platform, but not too many dice games. The game of Mexican Dice is somewhat similar to poker in the sense that you have to lie at your absolute best and not get caught at it. You throw the dice, get a number and have to make the other player either guess what you have or roll something higher than what you claim you have.  The only issue is that to play this game, you need to have dice (which is not something that we carry around on a regular basis). With this in mind, XDA member DanielS has released the first release of his idea for this dice game. The game includes a tutorial and a nice interface and is bound to give you many hours of playtime 🙂

The game is designed to work with the an accelerometer (provided that the device has one) and it uses it to shake the dice before you throw. Don’t have an accelerometer equipped device? The game also works without it by using the option of Easy Shake.

We built a new G-Sensor aware Party Game.…-mxchen-meier/
It is all about lying with 2 dices 

You can find more information in the application thread.

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