This app lets you list the Camera2 and CameraX extensions supported by your phone

This app lets you list the Camera2 and CameraX extensions supported by your phone

Android users have numerous options when it comes to devices, with a diverse combination of specifications, features, and of course, budgets. Not only the regular customers are spoiled by choice, but this also confuses veteran users when it comes to features that cannot be easily measured and compared. Take, for instance, the camera performance. Thanks to improved hardware and computational photography, the Android side has earned a reputation for having some of the best smartphone cameras on the market. That said, the current state of Android’s camera processing is far from an open standard, and the situation becomes even more complex across different OEMs.


In case you had to compare two different OEMs on how well they expose the stock camera features to third-party camera apps across their portfolio, the answer may not be easily found. Now, Zachary Wander, aka XDA Recognized Developer Zacharee1 has taken it upon himself to remedy this situation by building a database of camera data from different Android devices focusing on their overall capabilities. Meet CameraX Info, a lightweight app to enumerate the supported Camera2 and CameraX extensions as well as other camera related features.

For the uninitiated, the CameraX library from Google aims to streamline the camera app development process on Android. Under the hood, it wraps Camera2, an API that allows apps to probe the camera features on a device, provided the OEM exposes those camera features to the API. In order to reduce the camera feature fragmentation, device manufacturers can opt to ship CameraX-compliant extension libraries with their phones that allow third-party developers to seamlessly leverage native camera features.

What if you’re not a developer, but still like to know whether the bokeh effect of the stock camera app of your phone works on third-party camera apps as well? This is where CameraX Info comes in handy. No need to fiddle with any code, as the app will list all the supported CameraX/Camera2 extensions and other capabilities (e.g. ARCore) exposed by the primary and selfie cameras. What’s more interesting is that the app also offers an online database, where users can anonymously upload, browse, and download camera support data for different devices and Android versions in JSON format.

CameraX Info database Samsung

Below you can find the list of features offered by CameraX Info:

  • View Camera2 extension support.
  • View CameraX extension support.
  • View detected logical and physical cameras and their basic specs.
  • Upload your camera data anonymously.
  • View camera data anonymously.
  • View ARCore support.

If you are interested in exploring the camera features of your Android phone, give CameraX Info a shot. The app itself is open source, and the source code is available on the developer’s GitHub profile.

CameraX Info
Developer: Zachary Wander
Price: Free

Featured image: The rear cameras of the OnePlus 10 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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