Can I Google That for You?

Can I Google That for You?

You’ve most likely come across at least one XDA forum user who posts that one question that’s been asked numerous times before, be it how to root a phone,unlock the bootloader, or which ROM or kernel is the absolute best in every aspect. Your frustration may manifest into an overly snarky response telling them to search the forum or use Google, and understandably so.

Well, XDA Senior Member NeverSeparate developed a free and simple yet humorous app called ‘Can I Google That For You?’ that essentially allows you to type in a Google search query and generate the infamous ‘Let Me Google That For You’ link for you to share with the world. The app simply links to the official LMGTFY page in it’s entirety, with a simple refresh button for a new query.

Why is this so special? Despite the app’s extremely simplicity and plainness, it is the concept and purpose of the app that is of high significance. The notion of ‘helping you help yourself’ is one of the fundamental ideas behind XDA Developers. Explained perfectly by azrienoch in the ‘You are a Noob on XDA-Developers‘ video, searching and helping yourself is encouraged, not only to save time for yourself by waiting for a response, but also because it teaches you to realize that the developers here don’t exist to spoon-feed you.

Now, if you would like to check this out yourself, make sure to head over to the original thread for more information and download.

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