Can I upgrade the RAM and storage in the Dell XPS 13 (2022)?

Can I upgrade the RAM and storage in the Dell XPS 13 (2022)?

Dell recently launched the Dell XPS 13 2022 model, and it comes with a pretty major redesign, making the chassis more compact and lighter. The previous model was already fairly compact, though, and a common issue with ultrabooks is whether you can upgrade or replace things like the RAM, because they’re sometimes soldered onto the motherboard. And if you’re wondering whether you can upgrade the RAM and storage on the new Dell XPS 13, you can’t.

Indeed, not even the storage is upgradeable in this year’s model of the Dell XPS 13, and it’s all because of that major redesign Dell went for this year. Both the RAM and storage are soldered onto the main board, and there’s no way to replace them, aside from replacing the main board itself, which you can’t do as a customer.


Dell XPS 13 2022 internals

This is all thanks to the extra-small motherboard design Dell created specifically for this laptop. It’s made specifically to allow the chassis to be as compact as it is, and upgradeability is a necessary compromise.

What RAM and storage option should you get with the Dell XPS 13?

Since you can’t upgrade the storage or RAM inside the Dell XPS 13, it’s more important than ever to choose the right configuration when you first buy the laptop. Let’s start with RAM.

Being a premium laptop, the Dell XPS 13 does come with a minimum of 8GB of RAM, and that’s enough to get a solid experience overall. It’ll be able to run most apps that way, and for casual use, it’s fine. However, if you want a truly premium experience and you plan to use the laptop for a few years, we’d say 16GB is definitely recommended. Having this much RAM makes it possible to multi-task much more easily, and you don’t have to be a very advanced user to see the benefits. With 8GB of RAM, just having multiple browser tabs open means the tabs in the background might be put to sleep, and they need to load again when you open them. With 16GB of RAM, that’s far less frequent.

You also have the option for 32GB of RAM, but if you really need that much, you already know why. For most people, this much RAM isn’t necessary, and it’s hard to justify the higher price.

Dell XPS 13 in SKy and Umber colors

As for storage, it depends. This won’t really affect the performance of your PC, but it does affect how much space you have for files and apps. So if you tend to install a lot of apps, more storage is better. Officially, Dell says the XPS 13 starts at 256GB of storage, and that’s not a lot. We’d say it’s fairly easy for a regular user to fill that up in a couple of years.

Thankfully, the models Dell has listed for sale actually start at 512GB, and at that point, you’re probably good. If you pay attention to file management every now and then and you don’t work with large projects like video editing, this is more than enough to last you a long time. Still, the 1TB upgrade isn’t superfluous. There are definitely users who can use more than 512GB easily, especially if you download a lot of movies and music. It’s up to your personal needs, and if you think having 1TB is beneficial, it’s probably worth the investment.

That’s all you need to know about this. You may not be able to upgrade the RAM or storage inside the Dell XPS 13, but you do get solid options to choose from out of the box, so it’s not like you’ll have a bad experience. You just need to choose the right configuration for yourself, and hopefully, we’ve given you an idea of what that should be.

If you’re interested, you can buy the Dell XPS 13 below. Aside from having up to 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, it comes with up to an Intel Core i7-1250U processor boosted to 12W, and it has a stunning 13.4-inch display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. It’s one of the best Dell laptops of the year, and one of the best laptops in general, so it’s certainly worth looking into it.

    The new Dell XPS 13 comes with a complete redesign, making it the thinnest and lightest XPS laptop ever. However, it also means you can't upgrade the RAM and storage.

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