Looking For A Good Recovery? Cannibal Open Touch Has It All!

Looking For A Good Recovery? Cannibal Open Touch Has It All!

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Recoveries in Android have had a long and successful history. ClockworkMod and TWRP are just two of many recoveries that made popular over the last few years. These custom recoveries have served us well, flashing countless ROMs, kernels, and mods.

The two most commonly used recoveries are without a doubt TWRP and CclockworkMod (and their derivatives). A few months ago, XDA Senior Member drewwalton19216801 and other developers came up with an idea to create another recovery. This is how the Project Open Cannibal was born. Cannibal Open Touch Recovery is based on the new CyanogenMod recovery. Developers implemented a lot of interesting features including a full touch UI, complete theme support, and backup and restore via ADB–to name just a few items.

The recovery is available for many devices including the Nexus lineup, OnePlus One, and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If you can’t find a version for your device, you can build it yourself. The project is open-source, so developers interested in development can verify the code, help to fix issues or simply improve it.

A good custom recovery is one of the most important parts of Android. Before playing with it you need to be extremely careful, because you can brick your device if you’re not cautious. If you have the Google Nexus 5, head over to the recovery thread. You can also look for Cannibal Open Touch Recovery in the Android Development section of your device.