Can’t login to your Chromebook? Google is readying a fix

Can’t login to your Chromebook? Google is readying a fix

Google rolled out Chrome OS 91.0.4472.147 on the stable channel late last month. But the update was pulled as it caused performance issues in several Chromebook models. Last week, Google resumed the rollout, and the new Chrome OS 91 build didn’t have the same high CPU usage issue. However, it came with another annoying bug.

Android Police reports that the latest Chrome OS 91 release (v91.0.4772.165) introduces a bug that doesn’t let users log into their Chromebooks. Several reports on Reddit reveal the extent of the damage caused by the new release, with users revealing that their Chromebooks don’t accept their password on the login screen following the update. According to one user, a powerwash was of no help on their ASUS Chromebook C436, and they had to resort to using a recovery USB to get their Chromebook to work.


Although Google is already aware of the issue and is in the process of pulling the update, if you receive an update prompt on your Chromebook, do not turn it off. If you do so, Chrome OS will automatically install the update upon restarting, and you might be locked out of your Chromebook.

Chrome OS 91 bug fix

Google has clarified that the Chrome OS team has identified the underlying problem with the most recent release and will release a fix on July 21. In the meantime, if you’re stuck with a Chromebook that won’t let you log in, we’d recommend waiting for the new update to roll out. Once it does, your Chromebook will update automatically, and it should let you log in again without requiring a powerwash.

While Google hasn’t shared any info about the issue, a Reddit user reveals that a single typo in the code was the reason behind the latest fiasco. If you look at the difference in this file, you’ll notice that the Chrome OS team forgot to add a second “&” to the conditional statement, preventing users from logging into their Chromebooks.

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