CarbonROM based on Android Oreo now available for a wide range of devices

CarbonROM based on Android Oreo now available for a wide range of devices

The folks behind the CarbonROM custom ROM have been quite busy these last few months. We’ve seen a huge uptick in activity within the forums here at XDA and for good reason too. It was only last month when a version of CarbonROM was released for the Honor View 10 (thanks to the Honor Open Source Program). Then, late last week the team announced that their version of CarbonROM based on Android Oreo has been released for 19 different devices.

We do want to point out that this is only the first batch of devices that the folks behind CarbonROM are releasing right now. This first batch includes 19 different devices across 5 different smartphone OEMs. These new devices that are now supported by CarbonROM Noct (based on Android Oreo) include the following devices:


All of these devices have received user builds of Carbon ROM Noct and they are all signed with their custom keys for proper security. Fans of CarbonROM may be coming from Moo (CarbonROM based on Nougat) and while the team says dirty flashing Noct over Moo seems to work for some devices, they are recommending that you wipe data before moving from Moo to Noct.

Regardless of what update path you take, we hope you enjoy the latest release of the popular custom ROM! Check out the screenshot gallery below to see what features it has to offer—there’s a lot!

For those who own the Google Pixel 2 XL and wish to use this new build of CarbonROM on it, the team says that you need to flash the ROM and then reboot back into TWRP before flashing the team’s custom GApps package (as this switches slots). This custom GApps package can be found right here so be sure to grab it if you’re installing CarbonROM Noct on the Google Pixel 2 XL. The team is aware that the default wallpaper of the Pixel 2 XL is black; this is caused by the RRO overlays on vendor. Thankfully, you can easily just change the wallpaper. One last thing the team wanted to note is that their open source port of the Now Playing feature works on this build.

Owners of the other 19 devices listed above can ignore the information that is specific to the Pixel 2 XL. For everyone that doesn’t have the Pixel 2 XL, the team recommends you use the MindTheGapps package (linked on the CarbonROM download page) but says that all other GApps solutions should work just fine as well.

Download CarbonROM Noct for your device now!

Check out CarbonROM’s website and social media pages at the links below:

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