CarStream (YouTube for Android Auto) updated to bypass restrictions [Root]

CarStream (YouTube for Android Auto) updated to bypass restrictions [Root]

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CarStream allows you to watch YouTube videos in your Android Auto-enabled car. It, along with every other custom application, was blocked from installation back in April 2018. Thus, the only way to keep using this app was to keep an older version of Google Play Services and Android Auto installed. This is not only impractical but also insecure. Fortunately, there’s a workaround. The workaround was posted by the developer of the app themselves but since the steps were pretty long, a member on our forum decided to figure out if they could be simplified. XDA Senior Member noidea24 did just that and has written a tutorial that shows you how to get CarStream back up and running so long as you have a rooted Android device.

Warning: This app is not to be used by drivers for watching YouTube videos in their car. This application should only be used to entertain passengers in the car such as small kids.

Video of CarStream in action.

If you really need to get the app working again to keep your passengers occupied, then check out the guide in the thread linked below from our Google Pixel XL forum. You’ll need the latest versions of Google Play Services, Android Auto app, and version 2.0 of CarStream from GitHub.

How to get CarStream (YouTube for Android Auto)