Castro: High Fidelity Device Specs with Beautiful Design

Castro: High Fidelity Device Specs with Beautiful Design

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While a large majority of Android users content themselves by looking up basic device specs such as screen size, camera resolution, storage capacity etc, these baseline facts don’t cut it for enthusiasts. Most of us want to delve deeper into the specifics, and Castro is an app designed and developed to cater to that very need.


Sporting a near-perfect implementation of Material Design right from the icon to the settings page, Castro’s aesthetics are top-notch with a pleasant orange-backed interface augmented by a subtle green accent. With carefully hand-crafted iconography, wonderfully flat imagery and flawlessly responsive layouts, the attention paid to detail in Castro is delightful. Every minute detail of your device is  segregated into well-defined categories, ranging from CPU and Kernel details to Memory and Network specifics. Subcategories are separated by traditional cards, with glanceable headers telling you exactly what each card does. Covering almost every aspect of the device with no root needed, Castro goes above and beyond to satisfy your every spec-related need.




If spec details interest you, or you’re curious about what’s running under the hood of your device, Castro is definitely worth checking out. The app is free to download on Google Play and has been translated into a wide variety of languages.