These Popular MindKoo Unicat Kid’s Headphones are 35% Off

These Popular MindKoo Unicat Kid’s Headphones are 35% Off

Chances are you’ve seen these headphones before. They’re popular with live streamers, YouTubers and anyone who wants to look like a cat while listening to music. Take feline role-play to the next level, while listening to your favorite cat-inspired spotify playlist.

There are four different light modes to switch though depending on what you’re in the mood for. The headphones also last up to five hours of non-stop music time. With Bluetooth 4.2, you’ll have a high quality connection for great sounding music.

These headphones are Bluetooth enabled with ears that illuminate for a look that will make you the coolest kid in school. As Christmas rapidly approaches, consider this as a gift for your young child. It’s a great way to introduce them into EDM culture.

At 40% off, you can get a pair of these animal headphones for under $23.39. Use code 72DMDJQD for a discount at checkout! The available colors are black/hot pink/pink and white.

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