Categorize Your Apps with APK File Manager

Categorize Your Apps with APK File Manager

Almost every popular Android application can be downloaded directly from the Play Store, and most of us live in supported regions. However, very few of us willingly allow Google to take watch of nearly everything we do. That’s why some of us use external sites to download applications—or even better, we download them directly from the developers here on XDA. But after a while, we end up with various APKs scattered across our hard drives, and it’s quite difficult to keep track of everything.

Luckily, XDA Recognized Themer BDFreak created a handy application to organize Android applications on your personal computer. The tool runs on Windows, and it renames, categorizes, and cleans up the mess for you so that you don’t have to. If you’ve ever wondered how many duplicates you have, select your default download directory and then begin a scan. The application will then categorize APKs and inform you about your collection. It can then even rename applications to help you keep track of different versions. With this tool, you will forget about that APK mess.

More information about this tool and the application itself can be found in the original thread. So if you don’t like using the Play Store or simply have a large collection of downloaded APKs, give this handy tool a shot.

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