XDA Site Announcements

This page is for XDA site announcements, primarily for forums opening for new devices.

New Portal Launches Today

The new portal launched today. If you follow the permalink on this post, you can submit a comment (with our new Echo commenting system) about whether or not you like it.Please note that that we're still in beta--so don't be too harsh. :)

New Android Sub-Forum for Vogue

It was going to happen sooner or later:A poll took place throughout last week asking Vogue users if they believed that a sub-forum for Android development was needed. The polls closed with a staggering amount people agreeing to this versus 0 disagreeing. Long story short, the Vogue has its own sub-section for Android development!For those...

Non-HTC Forums Now Available at xda-developers.com!

As most of you know XDA has historically been an HTC-only site. But due to overwhelming requests from our users, and the fact that there are a lot of really interesting non-HTC Android and Windows Mobile devices out there nowadays, this has changed.We’ve begun by adding a small selection of new non-HTC devices to the...