Preliminary Alpha of SuperSU Released for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P Running Android O DP1

Google made headlines this week with the release of the first Android O developer preview, and we're expecting the company to release 4 different developer preview builds of Android O before the official release comes later this year. With preview builds like this, some developers stay away since there will likely be tons of changes made...

Substratum 621 Re-Introduces DirectAssets Mode and Prepares for Android O Support

Substratum is a highly popular theme engine, one that you are likely familiar with if you spend any time browsing our forum looking at all the cool custom ROMs that are available. We've covered this tool many times in the past, and will likely continue to do so as the team behind the engine is...

Build Android Apps on Debian using Only Debian Packages

If you're an Android developer who prefers to use a Debian machine for home or work, then you may be interested in a guide published by the official Debian blog on how to build Android applications using ONLY Debian packages. At this time, you can build applications only if it targets API Level 23 with build-tools-24...

ViPER4Android Gets Ported to the Huawei Mate 9

As long as you don't mind setting SELinux to Permissive, you can now install ViPER4Android on the Huawei Mate 9. This comes to us from XDA Senior Member ante0, who used a slightly modified script from XDA Member guitardedhero and the kernel/profile for V4A from XDA Member's auras76 ROM.

The Sony Stock Patcher Mod is Now Available for the Xperia XZ

XDA Recognized Developer AdrianDC has just released their Sony Stock Patcher mod for the Xperia XZ. This mod will make it easy to transition from Sony's stock ROM to a modifiable ROM that can be modded as you like. For instance, the stock ROM can be made usable in MultiROM, kernel patches won't trigger Sony's security features, and allows...

FrancoKernel Officially Comes to the OnePlus 2 Running LineageOS 14.1

XDA Recognized Developer franciscofranco has just released his custom kernel for the OnePlus 2. You will need to be running LineageOS 14.1 for this to work, and it can be installed by simply flashing a ZIP file in a custom recovery.

Latest LineageOS Changes Bring Back Custom Quick Settings Tiles, March’s Security Updates and More

The folks over at LineageOS have been doing write ups on a weekly to biweekly basis that clue us in on what the latest changes to the platform have been. This is great for those who don't want to sift through hundreds of individual commits, and even better for those who wouldn't understand the commits...

Guide to Add Custom Text in the Status Bar of Sony Devices

XDA Senior Member Bewildered Wolf has a quick guide up for those who want to add text into the status bar of a Sony device. It requires that you decompile SystemUI with Apktool, insert the text you want in the status bar, and recompile it.

Android Dev Weekly 001: XOSP Weeklies, BlissROM Update and Substratum News

We're glad to announce the initiation of the "Android Weekly" series, encompassing updates from all over the Android Community. We are going to go off a tangent and try something new with this series, bundling smaller updates and development news. As of now, BlissROMs, XOSP, substratum, GroundZero ROMs and ResurrectionRemix are the projects we will be...

Collection of LG V20 Mods Ported to the LG G5

XDA Senior Member Zacharee1 released a number of mods for the LG V20 last month, and has recently ported them to the LG G5. This includes AOSP signal bars and icons, 3Minit support, color QuickTools, Signature and AOD Signature and more.

Unofficial Port of EFIDroid Released for the Snapdragon Galaxy Note 4

EFIDroid is a second-stage bootloader that uses UEFI firmware to multiboot, originally developed by XDA Recognized Developer / Contributor m11kkaa. Now, the project has just been ported to Snapdragon variants of the Galaxy Note 4 thanks to XDA Senior Member abraha2d. This has been tested on the SM-N910V (trltevzw), SM-N910T (trltetmo), and SM-N910G (trltedt) versions of the Galaxy Note 4.

BusyBox X is a BusyBox Installer with Included Widget and Live Wallpaper

BusyBox X is a BusyBox Installer from our forums that does all that is expected from a BusyBox installer and more. In addition to BusyBox binary installation, BusyBox X also features a widget and live wallpaper for displaying system stats.