Android Studio 1.1 RC Pushed to Beta Channel

After numerous beta releases of Android Studio 1.1 which brought new features like unit testing in addition to a large number of bug fixes, the Android Developer Tools team is gearing up in anticipation of a stable release, and pushed the first RC (Release Candidate) for 1.1 to the beta channel earlier today

Google Play Services 6.7.74 APK Download

Earlier today, Google rolled out an update for Google+, and the second app to receive attention on this Update Wednesday is Google Play Services. The update carries the v6.7.74 version number, and some users are reporting a new "Car Speed" permission

Slidelock Update Brings Material Design and More

With custom launchers having gone mainstream, custom lockscreens are becoming very popular as of late, and of the sleekest custom lockscreen apps, Slidelock, has gained an edge over the competition by providing a full material refresh. The update also brings Android 5.0 support, lower battery use and more.

Play Music Brings Upload Feature for ARM Chromebooks

Up until now, Play Music for ARM Chromebooks was a passive client, only allowing you to listen to music, while Intel Chromebooks enjoyed uploading features exclusively. However, today's update changes that, with the orange "Add Music" button bringing uploading capabilities to the ARM powered ones as well.

Google Drive for Linux screenshots leaked

Up until now, Windows and MacOS were the only desktop operating systems to have an official Google Drive client, but leaked screenshots, bundled within the latest Google Drive for Mac release show that an official client could be on the way for Linux systems too.

Sony Lifelog API Now Available

Sony recently opened up an API for their Lifelog platform which allows developers to gain access to the user's Lifelog data and use it in their applications. Head over to Sony's blog to learn more about all the details.

Pocket Guide App Lets You Search Places of Interest

Google gives you a wealth of information at your fingertips, and for many that is a good thing. But the full experience of how you find things around you via Google's homegrown apps can be a bit cumbersome, and is often slow. Enter a new app which seeks to simplify finding things around you.

Restore Functionality on Unlocked Xperia Devices – Part Two

As you might have noticed, not too long ago, we featured an article that detailed how to get back lost functionality on unlocked Sony Xperia devices. To recap, a simple system modification allows you to gain back most of the features you lost when unlocking the bootloader of a recent Xperia device. The reason for the reduced...

And It Goes On: HTC HD2 Receives Lollipop Port

Recently we spoke about devices outliving their generation by leaps and bounds, and highlighted the Nexus S' prowess in doing so. Despite a number of devices following similar paths, the undoubted champion that simply refuses to give up, is the HTC Leo, or the HTC HD2 as it is more commonly known. The HD2 has...

Enjoy Floating Texting with SMS Small App

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other communicators are not intended to be used as foreground applications due to their occasional use. Instead they are usually used as background apps and opened only when needed. These communicators are very popular but are still far behind SMS, which is in use by almost every phone in the world. Facebook was...

Create Your Own 2D Game With BobEngine

Making a game is by all means a challenging task. To become successful, a game has to be well written, interesting and fun to play, otherwise it will slowly die buried somewhere in the Google Play Store. If you have an idea how to make an interesting game and would like to find the tool...

Android App Review: Simple Explorer Receives Material Design Updates

At XDA we like to highlight projects that are not only from the community, but also open source, and Simple Explorer, a file explorer by XDA Senior Member DF1E, is just such a project. We first mentioned it when it came out and then when it received a root management update soon after. Now DF1E has given it...