Samsung Responds to SquareTrade Durability Test

Samsung execs were bent out of shape last week when testing site SquareTrade used excessive force to break a Galaxy S6 Edge. Here's Samsung's counter-video and explanation that shows how not even the force used to break a bundle of pencils (let alone the lesser force of a pocket) is enough to damage the S6 or...

CM12S for the OnePlus One is Around the Corner

The Lollipop update for the OnePlus One landed yesterday in the form of OnePlus' in-house Oxygen OS, but for device owners holding out for the CyanogenMod 12S update, it seems to be around the corner, with Steve Kondik giving an estimate of 4 days until the CM 12S certification goes through.

Unofficial Super Alpha Xposed Build for Android 5.1

XDA Senior Member romracer has brought the popular Xposed Framework to devices running Android 5.1 in an unofficial "super alpha" build. As the label states, the build is intended only for devices running 5.1 and is in the extremely early phases of development, currently focused on bug-fixing and module compatibility.

Paperboy Feedly Client Update

Paperboy, the Feedly client has has received an update to v8.0.9 which brings user-requested features such as auto-positioning the list to the last read item, in addition to numerous performance tweaks and bugfixes.

Enable Your Messaging App for Android Auto

Despite Google's foray into the automobile space - Android Auto - being announced at Google I/O last year, the platform has only recently started gaining traction, and the Android Developers team has published an excellent tutorial to help developers of messaging apps enable their app for Android Auto

Is Your Galaxy S6 Edge Pre-Scratched?

The official launch of Samsung's newest flagships is one week away, but early reports from T-Mobile users hint at a quality control issue that can not be ignored: micro-scratches blanketing the phone's surface right out of the box. The defects were first noticed here on the XDA Forums by Junior Member rhcpcjg, and the ensuing conversation...

Ossia Cota to Allow Wireless Charging Over WiFi

Wireless charging company, Ossia, has announced a new wireless charging solution called 'Cota' that charges devices using Bluetooth or WiFi antennae. Cota requires only minor changes to existing device antennae and can charge devices up to 30 feet away using only 1/10,000th of a WiFi signal's power.

Android Studio 1.2 Beta Released Based on IntelliJ 14.1.1

Android Studio 1.2 Beta has been pushed to the beta channel, bringing with it some significant changes. This version is based on IntelliJ 14.1.1, released earlier this week, bringing all new IntelliJ features as well as Android-specific ones like CPU monitor and performance collection capture view.

Galaxy Note 4 On Verizon, Bell & Others Receives Lollipop

In the US, the Verizon Galaxy Note 4 joins Sprint and AT&T devices in receiving Android 5.0.x, this time with VoLTE! Elsewhere, carriers in the Baltics, Brazil, India, the UAE, & Canada (Bell) are also pushing updates, so global Lollipop coverage is not far off. Continue on for the Verizon link, or check your phone directly.

Galaxy S6 User Review

Now that the Galaxy S6 is finding its way into the hands of XDA Forums Members, the (mostly positive) reviews are starting to hit the portal! Check out this mini review by Junior Member Roflwafflez for camera samples, first impressions, and a lively discussion in the comments.

Moto G (GPE) Receiving 5.1 OTA Now

The Google Play Edition of the original Moto G is now receiving it's update to Android 5.1 Lollipop, with accompanying XDA forum thread here. Pushes should be going out Over The Air soon, but the 171 MB build LMY47M can also be found by impatient users at this link, straight from Google HQ.

Acer Announces All-In-One Touchscreen “Chromebase”

Acer's newest Chromebook is a beast of an all-in-one, featuring a 21.5" 1080P touchscreen, Tegra K1 quad-core processor, USB 2.0 & 3.0 ports, HD webcam, and now Android support via ARC Welder. No price is given, but the PC will hit North America and Asia Pacific in the second quarter of this year; check the press release...