New Range of Flexible Implantable Devices To Launch Later This Month

Ever increasingly popular bio-modding company Dangerous Things is planning to launch a new range of flat, flexible, bio-safe implantable NFC tags at CeBIT, Germany later this month. Insiders of the implant community were treated to a preview of the new FlexNT NFC tag (see above) recently however, which is based on the NTAG216 but with significantly improved...

OnePlus Offering Installment Payments for OnePlus 2; Also Signs Endorsement Deal for House of Cards Season 4

OnePlus really wants you to have its baby phones. For a company that is only 3 smartphones old, we certainly see where they are coming from. But that does not stop them from taking risks or bold steps. They were previously known for some really tacky marketing campaigns, like the Ladies First campaign. Since then, the...

DIY: Send SMS with Address, Speed and Map Pin URL Upon Trigger Event

Using the power of Tasker, you can set up your phone to send an SMS with its location address, speed at which it is travelling as well as a map pin URL once it receives a specific set of codes via SMS.

DIY: Prompt to Add Previous Caller as Contact

If you are in situations where you have to frequently add new contacts from your call log's most recent call, this Tasker guide will help you set up prompts to add previous caller to your contact, saving a lot of repeated actions.

Add Magnets to Fast Wireless Charger to Create Magnetic Dock for Galaxy S7 Edge

XDA Senior Member ranova modded his wireless fast charging pad by adding magnets to make a perfect snap-on companion for charging his Galaxy S7 Edge in the car. The process should work with any phone, so take a look!

Motorola Releases Android 6.0 Kernel Source Code for the 2015 Moto E LTE

As per the GPL, Motorola has just released their kernel source code of the 2015 Moto E LTE for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. As always, these can be found on Motorola's GitHub page right now. If anyone wants to take a look at the code and maybe build a custom kernel for the device then now...

Mozilla Introduces VR API for Web Browsers

Currently, the availability of VR content is fragmented among various marketplaces, but Mozilla is hoping to change that. With its new WebVR API, developers will be able to produce VR content that can be viewed straight from your web browser. Developers from Google and Microsoft are also contributing to this new standard, and a proof-of-concept...

Sony Releases Guides for Building the Linux mainline Kernel for Xperia Devices

Sony wants you to do more with your Xperia smartphones than just run Android with its unique kernel. To help spur developer involvement with Xperia devices, Sony has released some build guides on how to build the Linux mainline kernel for them. The company has also released a guide on showing how to build a minimal...

Google Updates its Google Play Developer Policy to Clarify Rules for Apps

It seems that Google understands how frustrating a developer can get when their app gets pulled for seemingly no reason at all. To help remedy this, the company has revamped the Google Play Developer Policy to make the rules easier to understand. Rules are put into categories and they even mention specific examples of what...

Google I/O Registration Starts on March 8th

This year, Google I/O will be from May 18th through the 20th at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. To get there though, you'll need to register, be chosen and then pay for your ticket(s). It has been announced that registration for Google I/O 2016 will begin just one week from today on March 8th.

Fingerprint Support Added to CM13 Nightlies for the Galaxy S5

After we reported that the open-source Mokee ROM for the Galaxy S5 was able to make the fingerprint scanner work on AOSP, it looks like Cyanogenmod will now be incorporating these patches into their latest Marshmallow nightlies starting today. Expect to see more widespread adoption of the fingerprint sensor in AOSP ROMs soon.

HTC is Now Letting People Pre-Order its Vive VR Headset

For those who have been waiting, the HTC Vive is currently available for pre-order directly from HTC's website (and on Steam too). To pre-order, simply head over to their website and plop down $800 (plus shipping) to reserve your unit. This purchase comes with a pair of wireless lightboxes, a pair of wireless controllers, along with three games: Tilt...