Generate Blank Watch Face Template in 4 Easy Steps

The Android Wear watchface API requires developers to code everything from scratch which can prove to be a daunting task for some. However, Android Studio 1.1 aims to simplify that process, by adding a Wear Watch Face code template, allowing you to generate boilerplate code in 4 easy steps

Facebook May Be Testing A Dialer App Called “Phone”

Details are sparse here, but screenshots indicate that Facebook has a new caller ID and call blocking app in the works. Check out the tipster-provided screenshot after the jump, and enjoy this new wave of speculation.

Google Launches the Hello Places API for Android and iOS!

The new Hello Places API connects raw location data from your apps with Google's vast database of places like restaurants, local businesses, hotels, museums, and other attractions. Read the full post for demos, documentation, and a list of the goodies that include search autocomplete and more!

T-Mobile Nexus 6 Gets OTA To 5.1

Starting today, T-Mobile is rolling out Android 5.1 Lollipop (LMY47M) to Nexus 6 subscribers with at least 50% battery and 409 MB to spare. Check the link for full details, and get ready for the stellar performance boost and (less stellar) lack of Xposed.

Android Device Manager Headed to Android Wear Soon

Google's device location and security program, Android Device Manager is making its way to your wrist in the near future via an automatic rollout. The Android team has announced that the Wear app will connect your phone to your wrist, allowing you to ring it at full volume, thus helping you easily locate your device.

New Moto 360 Outed By Lenovo CEO

If reports of Lenovo's CEO Yang Yuanqing leaking the new Moto 360 via Weibo are true, the wearable will come in a variety of strap widths, and add white leather and traditional gold to the existing bevy of band options. Hit the link for the full-size image; can you spot the so-called "flat tire's" return?

Moto 360: Premium Leather Straps & Zodiac Watch Face

Eagle-eyed Senior Forums Member Voriax has spotted a series of premium leather straps to complement his Zodiac watch faces on the Moto 360. Hit up the forum thread for a series of stunning renders and order links.

Chrome Remote Desktop Becomes Full Chrome App

Chrome Remote Desktop, Google's solution for remote desktop control, has received a significant upgrade that bumps it up to a full fledged Chrome app. The update adds fullscreen mode, the ability to create multiple windows or connections and now allows you to add it to the dock or taskbar for quick access.

HTC One M7: Only GPE Will Get 5.1 – April Release

As part of a larger move to become more transparent, HTC's VP and Product Manager has confirmed via Twitter that only the One M7's Google Play Edition will receive Lollipop 5.1, with a target date of early April. All others will stick with the 5.0.x series, including the AT&T M7 which is also targeted for...

HTC Uh Oh Announcement & AMA

No matter how careful you are and how protective your case and Gorilla Glass claim to be, no one can escape the threat of accidentally breaking a phone. Today, HTC hopes to win customers by putting some of those fears to rest with a new replacement program called HTC Uh Oh, for free. Here are the basics:...

Free Moto E With Moto X Purchase

Through 3/24, Motorola is giving away this year's Moto E (2nd gen) to anyone who purchases a new Moto X. Hit up the Moto Maker link and add a Moto X to your cart to see the freebie!

$50 Play Credit for Nexus 6, 9, or Wear Purchase

Google is giving out $50 in Play credit & 6 months of music for purchasing a Nexus 6, 9, or Wear device by March 31 st, plus the Sony SmartWatch 3 is $50 off right now. Hit the link for details, or go straight to each product page to pick one up while they're in stock!