Marshmallow Comes to the Xperia M Thanks to CyanogenMod 13

XDA Recognized Developer PecanCM has been working on beta versions of CyanogenMod 13 for the Sony Xperia M for a while now. Thanks to his work, the device is now receiving official nightly builds of CM13.

Xposed Framework Version 80 is now Available, Fixes Bootloop Issues and Crashes on Various Devices

The highly popular customization framework known as the Xposed Module Framework by XDA Senior Recognized Developer rovo89 has been updated to version 80 for Lollipop and Marshmallow devices.

Samsung Hints at Feature Changes in Android N: Better Stylus Support?

We don't yet know much about Android N (after all, we're still a few months away from the next I/O) but we do know that Google works quite closely with several major OEMs to ensure that the OEMs can get the update incorporated into their own devices as fast as they possibly can. This means that...

Honor 5X to Ship with Snapdragon 616

Honor HQ has today announced that the 5X will be shipping with the Snapdragon 616 rather than the previously advertised 615. The primary difference between the two chips is that 616 runs with four cores at 1.2GHz not at 1GHz like the 615, the remaining four cores will run at 1.5GHz. Keep in mind that this...

FlashFire Updated with Android 6.0 and OTA Flashing Support

XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire is known in the Android community for a wide variety of reasons, one of which is FlashFire. Often referred to as the spiritual successor to Mobile ODIN, FlashFire is used to flash custom ROM's and kernels, without going through the procedure in recovery. There's good news for FlashFire users, the app has been...

More NVIDIA SHIELD Tablets get Marshmallow Updates (Updated – 4.0 OTA Halted)

The update follows most of the same notes that we saw with the K1 update in December. SHIELD tablet owners should take note of the new MicroSD card usage and recall that while they can use it for internal storage with the new update, all data on the card will be wiped if electing to...

Google Releases Factory Images and Details of the February Security Update

Google has just released the factory images for Nexus devices that include the February Android security update. The company also published their Nexus Security Bulletin for the month that details the fixes this update includes. We're told this monthly update includes 5 patches for critical level vulnerabilities, 4 patches for high level vulnerabilities and then...

BlackBerry Announces February’s Security Update for the Priv

BlackBerry sure is staying on the ball with these monthly Android security updates. We're just half way through the first day of February and there are already Priv users receiving their security update for the month. BlackBerry also tells us that some of the carriers selling the Priv are working harder to get these monthly security...

Remix OS for 32-bit PCs now Available

Remix OS for PCs so far has only been usable on computers running on x86-64 bit based processors. Now, the team has released a version that is compatible with x86-32 bit based processors.

Flashable Zip Brings Xposed for Marshmallow to the LG G4

LG G4 owners have been facing bootloop problems when flashing Xposed for Marshmallow. Now, there's a flashable zip file fix available, courtesy of XDA Senior Recognized Developer rovo89.

Quick Toggles Small App for Sony Xperia Devices

XDA Recognized Contributor abo hani has developed an app for quick toggles for JellyBean+, which works as Sony's small app. If you're looking to add in quick toggles to your Sony device on any version above JB, go over to the forum thread!

Windows Phone 7 Gets a Makeover with Windows K UI

No one can argue that Microsoft's life in the mobile market has been a story of ups and downs (more downs than ups during the past 5 years). They make a solid (albeit closed) product that is victim of current trends, trends that are not exactly the platform's main objectives. One of the things that plagues...