Version r1 of FrancoKernel is Now Available for the Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo)

XDA Recognized Developer franciscofranco has announced that his custom kernel is now available for the Kenzo variant of the Redmi Note 3 when running Android 7.1.1 LineageOS based custom ROMs. You're able to flash the kernel in a custom recovery, or using the free auto updater app.

What the Thing is an Open Sourced App that Uses Image Recognition to Teach Words in New Languages

One of the underrated perks of being multilingual is being able to remember the names of objects in languages other than your primary language, which really helps you in a pinch when the words are really just there at the tip of your tongue. For example, if I forget the word "water" in English, I...

Google Releases the 3rd Developer Preview of Android Things

Brillo was originally supposed to be Google's IoT platform, and while it did receive some attention when it was announced, it ultimately hasn't really caught on the way many had hoped. So in order to unify things a bit more, Google decided to rebrand Brillo to Android Things back in December of last year. The...

Check out our Newest App: XDA Feed, Amazing Content Discovery for Popular XDA Devices!

There are so many amazing things you can do with your phone, and so much of it is hidden away in the huge number of threads, posts and articles found on XDA. To fix this problem, we created an app called XDA Feed. XDA Feed (available NOW from the Play store), as you probably guessed, is...

NanoMod Magisk Module Automates microG, pseudo-debloat, F-Droid and More

XDA Senior Member Setialpha created their NanoMod Magisk Module because they wanted to have a simple way to achieve a desired setup on any device with any ROM. Since they already made it for their own use, they decided to release it to the community.

Root Available for the Samsung Gear S3; Work for Porting Android Wear 2.0 has Started

XDA Senior Member Honestly Annoying has posted combination firmwares for the Samsung Gear S3, which allow for full read/write access (including root) to the watch. Kernel sources have subsequently also been posted, and work is now on to port Android Wear to the device.

Tool to Partition your micro-SD Card for Adoptable Storage

Feature Image Credits: Dotmana Adoptable storage is a neat feature introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow that allows you to "adopt" a microSD card to use as internal storage to store app data. By default, Android's tool to adopt a microSD card requires you to format the entire disk for use as internal storage, and leaves no...

Here’s a Magisk Module to Quickly Debloat your Device, Systemlessly

What's defined as "bloat" is ultimately up to an end user. Some OEM apps are useful to some people, others find them all useless. If you want to customize what system apps you want to remove, then check out this Magisk module by XDA Senior Member veez21. It allows you to customize what applications you...

MultiROM with No Kexec Workaround Ported for the Galaxy S5

XDA Senior Member mohammad.afaneh has just released their port of MultiROM (and a modified version of TWRP) for the Galaxy S5. With this using the no-kexec workaround, it allows  you to use MultiROM without having to flash a kexec enabled kernel.

Magisk v12 Gets Patched to Run on Sony Devices with Running Sony RIC Service

Magisk does work on Sony devices, but only if you patched the boot image with ta_poc or rootkerneltool and disabled the Sony RIC service. So XDA Senior Member Tobi@s has patched v12 of Magisk so that it works on Sony devices with the RIC service.

Guide to Build Your Own Custom Kernel for ARM Smartphones

XDA Senior Member 3lambda has posted a noob friendly guide on building your own custom kernel for ARM devices.

Easy Android Signer Tool for Windows Brings Single and Batch Signing with v1 and v2 Signing Scheme Support

Easy Android Signer allows you to zipalign, sign and verify multiple APK files in one step. This tool for Windows supports v1 and v2 signing schemes, support for multiple signatures for one apk as well as batch signing.