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Your Favorite Android Keyboard and Why?

There are dozens of keyboards available on the Play Store, but a few of them stand out from the rest of the pack with beautiful designs and innovative features. Do you choose your keyboard based on functionality or theming ability? Let us know what your favorite keyboard is and why.

What Do You Hate about Lollipop?

We've all been pretty excited about Android Lollipop here at XDA, but many of us admittedly have a love-hate relationship with the new version of Android. With all of the awesome features it brought, there are a few things that we just can't get over. So, what are some of the things you hate about Lollipop?

Cool Things to Do with My Old Android Device?

Many of us have older Android handsets around that are well past their glory days, but that doesn't mean you can't put them to good use. Let us know some of your favorite ways to keep your aging devices alive.