Tell Your Worst Phone Destruction Story

It's happened to the best of us. You forget that your phone is on your lap when jumping out of your car, and it goes flying to smash against concrete. Or maybe you're browsing the XDA forums when your phone slips out of your hand and drops into the toilet. In one way or another, we've...

Android Wear or the New Pebble Time?

The all new Pebble Time was announced this morning with a Kickstarter page hoping to raise $500,000. Within hours, that goal was surpassed by a whopping $4 million. Obviously, there's a great demand for the new color e-paper smartwatch, but is it enough to take our attention away from Android Wear? Let us know if...

Best Headphones for Mobile Listening?

With thousands of different options, it can be a difficult task choosing the perfect headphones for mobile listening. Following yesterday's discussion of the best music streaming services, let us know which headphones you think are best to use with your Android device and why.

Best Music Streaming Service?

Music streaming services are becoming more and more popular as giants like Spotify, Google and Apple all fight for a piece of the pie. But which of these companies offers the best music service? Spotify, Play Music All Access, Beats Music, Rdio, and a handful of other services are all great contenders. Let us know if you...

Best Source for Incredible Wallpaper?

Changing your smartphone's wallpaper is the simplest and quickest way to give your device a new feel. We've featured a number of different wallpaper apps and websites, and even did a round up of our favorite ones. Now it's your turn to let us know what your favorite source for awesome wallpaper is!

Does Wireless Charging Matter to You?

Wireless charging is a feature that more and more OEMs are trying to incorporate into their flagships. However, there are a few companies which claim that the technology is still too slow to be considered as a real charging solution. So is wireless charging ready? Is it something you look for when considering a new purchase?

Must-Have Android Wear Apps?

Android Wear is still relatively new, so we can expect it to grow and get better with time. However, there are already a number of awesome things you can do with the platform for your wrist. Let us know some of your favorite "must-have" apps for your Android Wear smartwatch.

Now That Phones are Bigger, What are Tablets Good for?

The majority, if not all, of today's major Android flagships have displays larger than 5 inches. Only a few years ago, phones this big were seen as niche products, but "phablets" have become the standard now. With smartphones shifting towards the 5.5" to 6" display standard, we have to ask: what are tablets good for...

Most Beautiful Android Phone Ever Released?

We recently had a discussion on what we thought the ugliest Android phone of all time was, and interestingly, the most upvoted comment was the Lamborghini phone. Now, it's time to discuss the most beautiful of Android phones that OEMs have offered us. What do you think is the most aesthetically pleasing Android phone ever released?

What is Samsung Hinting at with its Latest Teasers?

We're less than two weeks away from the unveiling of the highly anticipated Galaxy S6. Samsung released a short teaser video last week that seemed to be about the upcoming flagship's camera. Today, they released another teaser video, this time suggesting faster speeds and better performance. Samsung has also hinted towards wireless charging with a blog post...

Best Uses for the Galaxy Note Stylus?

Samsung's Note series has really taken off, with one of its biggest differentiating factors being its use of a stylus. Its functionality has been praised time and time again in the Android community, but what do people actually use the stylus for? Let us know if you use the stylus on your Note and what the...

What Are the Best CyanogenMod Themes?

We recently did a round-up of some of our favorite CyanogenMod 12 themes, and have been highlighting dozens of interesting designs from our forums lately. But it's your turn to voice your opinions on your favorite CM 12 themes. Let us know which themes you think are the best and why.