What Do You Have Against Apple?

Things have certainly calmed down since the days of Steve Jobs' declaration of war on our favorite mobile OS. However, a quick scroll through the comments section of any Apple related stories on here will show you that there are still some grudges held. So what is it that you still dislike about Apple? Let...

What First Made You Come to XDA?

Was it to ask a question, find root instructions, or maybe grab a ROM? Let us know what first brought you over to XDA and how you joined the community!

How Much Screen on Time Do You Rack up in a Day?

The majority of us here at XDA spend a large amount of time with our eyes glued to our screens. But just how much time do we really spend a day? Let us know how much screen on time you usually rack up by the end of your day and which smartphone you use.

Does QHD Really Look Much Better than FHD?

Screen resolution is certainly a hot topic in the mobile world right now, with enthusiasts ranging on both sides of the issue. Some argue that QHD displays are not worth the battery consumption, while others continue to push for the growth of the spec despite any drawbacks. But does QHD really even look that much better...

What Are the Best Apps to Kill Time?

There are tons of different fun apps on the Play Store to help us kill time, but which ones are the best? Let us know some of your favorite apps or games you like to use when you have some extra time on your hands to kill.

Are There Actually Any Good “Bloatware” Apps?

We all hate bloatware here at XDA, with many community members specifically rooting their devices just to get rid of it. But are there actually any good bloatware apps out there? Let us know if you have any bloatware apps on your phone that you like or find useful.

Which App on Your Phone Is Most Embarrassing?

Alright folks, it's time to spill the beans. We all have apps on our phones that were not particularly proud of, and now is the time to get it off your chest. What is the most embarrassing app on your smartphone?

Be Honest: Have You Ever Considered Switching to iPhone?

Being a community of Android enthusiasts and power users, we usually tend to avoid discussions about the iPhone. But with Apple's flagship device being the biggest competitor to Android, we have to ask the question: have you ever considered switching to the iPhone?

Cool Things to Do with My Newly Rooted Phone?

Long time XDA members are already very familiar with the root process and its benefits. But let's share all of the different cool things you can do with a newly rooted phone for those in our community who are just getting their feet wet. So, what are your favorite things to do on a newly rooted...

Holo or Material Design?

Now that we've had several months to play with Material Design, it's time to decide between the two style favorites. Do you prefer the new Material Design implemented in Android, or the previous HOLO? Let us know which one you like best and why!

Good Games to Show off Graphics on My Phone?

Mobile games may not be ready to replace your consoles, but they have seen incredible improvements over the years. What are some of your favorite graphic-intensive games to show off how powerful your device is?

Do You Prefer Physical or on Screen Buttons?

More and more smartphone manufacturers have been moving towards on-screen buttons, with Google really pushing for it over the physical button alternative. However, there are still a few OEMs (we're looking at you, Samsung) that have preferred to keep things a bit more traditional. Tell us which way you prefer and why.