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Guide to Fix Battery Drain on Sony’s Latest Nougat Stock ROM

If you are experiencing unusual battery drain on the latest stock ROM based on Nougat for Sony Xperia devices, try out this fix by XDA Recognized Contributor PDesire. You will need a rooted device as you will be editing a few system files to modify Sony's virtual memory settings.

Flashable Zip for Enabling 5 or 7 Quick Settings Toggles in a Row on OnePlus 3T Oxygen OS 4.1

The 3 toggles for Quick Settings may seem a waste of good space. So if you would like to increase the number of toggles to display 5 or 7 in a row on the OxygenOS 4.1 on the OnePlus 3T, flash this modified SystemUI from XDA Member Pharrax.

BusyBox X is a BusyBox Installer with Included Widget and Live Wallpaper

BusyBox X is a BusyBox Installer from our forums that does all that is expected from a BusyBox installer and more. In addition to BusyBox binary installation, BusyBox X also features a widget and live wallpaper for displaying system stats.

Phlex — A Google Home Action for Plex Control

Phlex is a PHP web application that allows you to link your Google Home with your Plex collection and control playback to any device on the network capable of speaking Plex or Cast. You can also add media directly to apps like Sonarr and Couchpotato using voice control.

3D Panorama Plugin for Stock Camera on the Huawei Mate 9

If you'd like to take 3D photos on your Huawei Mate 9, install this plugin to enable 3D photo mode on the stock camera application. Install the apk, swipe left at the main camera mode, select the plugin, and go!

Flashable Zip for Enabling the ZTE Theme Store on the Axon 7

The ZTE Axon 7 Chinese variant comes with a theme store built in, which is not present on the other variants. This flashable mod zip from XDA Recognized Developer freeza lets you enable the theme store on your ZTE Axon 7 and download more themes.

Get the HTC Camera on the Exynos Galaxy S7 running AOSP for Reduced Noise

The camera on AOSP builds of the Galaxy S7 isn't the best it could be. So XDA Senior Member core720 has released a flashable mod that will replace the stock camera with the HTC Camera. This mod has been tested on LineageOS 14, Slim, and RR.

SELinuxToggler Tool Released for Android 4.2+ Devices

Since SELinuxModeChanger by XDA Senior Member MrBIMC stopped working with Lollipop, XDA Senior Member Ibuprophen stepped up and released SELinuxToggler. It will work on Android 4.2+ devices now and will let you toggle SELinux between enforcing and permissive without permanently modify the boot script files.

Xperia Weather Application Updated to 1.3.A.1.16 Open Beta

The Xperia Weather application from XDA Senior Member ytheekshana has been updated to open beta (1.3.A.1.16). It's a weather and clock widget that you may have already seen in pictures from events such as the MWC.

Unofficial Build of LineageOS 14.1 Released for the Xiaomi Mi MIX

XDA Senior Member pappschlumpf has released an early build of LineageOS 14.1 for the Xiaomi Mi MIX (lithium). Most functions should work, but the double tap to wake feature is not working in the current build.

Unofficial Port of TWRP Released for the Moto G5 (cedric)

XDA Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor Santhosh M has just released an unofficial port of TWRP 3.1.0-0 for the newly released Moto G5 (cedric). It was initially tested on the 16GB variant and should be working without any issues.

Guide for Compiling Android Open Source Code Modules

This is a guide that originally came from XDA Senior Member Ubuntuz, and was recently updated by XDA Member droidvoider. It will get you started from scratch and help you start compiling /system/bin binaries for your device from AOSP source code.