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Magisk Module to allow F-Droid to Install, Update, and Remove Apps on its own

If you use the popular F-Droid app to download your favorite open source applications, then you may find it annoying that F-Droid can't handle installing, updating, or removing applications on its own. For that reason, XDA Senior Member ryaniskira has developed a Magisk module that turns the F-Droid app into a privileged system app (stored in /system/priv-app)...

MX Player Officially gets AC-3 Audio Support

Media players such as the popular MX Player have been unable to use the AC-3 audio codec due to Dolby's patents on the codec. However, these patents expired on March 20th, 2017, so now all media players are able to freely use the codec. Hence, MX Player has just now announced that their media player will...

New Tool Debloats the Wileyfox Swift 2, Swift 2 Plus and Swift 2X Running Nougat

The new Nougat update for the Wileyfox Swift 2, Swift 2 Plus and Swift 2X added some bloatware applications to the devices. So XDA Recognized Contributor and Social Contributor linuxct has stepped up and offered a debloater tool to help slim things down again.

Terminal App Systemizer Magisk Module Turns 3rd-Party Apps into System Apps

XDA Senior Member veez21 was inspired by App Systemizer​ from XDA Senior Member stangri to create Terminal App Systemizer. It is a Magisk Module that lets you turn 3rd-party applications and APKs into system applications with a simple terminal command.

Version r1 of FrancoKernel is Now Available for the Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo)

XDA Recognized Developer franciscofranco has announced that his custom kernel is now available for the Kenzo variant of the Redmi Note 3 when running Android 7.1.1 LineageOS based custom ROMs. You're able to flash the kernel in a custom recovery, or using the free auto updater app.

Enable HEVC/H.265 for Video Recordings on the OnePlus 3

4K video recordings can very quickly eat up your internal storage if you frequently shoot videos. Using this mod, you can enable HEVC encoding for 4K, 1080p and 720p recordings, to get smaller file sizes for your output video.

Galaxy S8 Mod Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Want the software on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to visually resemble that on the new Galaxy S8? Just flash this mod pack by djb77 and enjoy the goodies.

bxActions is a Dedicated Application to Remap the Galaxy S8’s Bixby Button

We recently covered a way to remap the Galaxy S8's Bixby button, but XDA Senior Member Jawomo has just released a dedicated application for it. This will let you use the Bixby button to launch the camera, toggle recents or launch any other application.

NanoMod Magisk Module Automates microG, pseudo-debloat, F-Droid and More

XDA Senior Member Setialpha created their NanoMod Magisk Module because they wanted to have a simple way to achieve a desired setup on any device with any ROM. Since they already made it for their own use, they decided to release it to the community.

Root Available for the Samsung Gear S3; Work for Porting Android Wear 2.0 has Started

XDA Senior Member Honestly Annoying has posted combination firmwares for the Samsung Gear S3, which allow for full read/write access (including root) to the watch. Kernel sources have subsequently also been posted, and work is now on to port Android Wear to the device.

Android 7.0 Rolling Out for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T810

Android 7.0 is now rolling out officially for the Samsung Galaxy S2 SM-T810. Head on over to this thread if you're looking for download link of the update for manual installation.

Tool to Partition your micro-SD Card for Adoptable Storage

Feature Image Credits: Dotmana Adoptable storage is a neat feature introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow that allows you to "adopt" a microSD card to use as internal storage to store app data. By default, Android's tool to adopt a microSD card requires you to format the entire disk for use as internal storage, and leaves no...