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Guide: How to Build a Magisk ROM for the ZTE Axon 7

XDA Senior Member chas123 is part of a team that maintains a Magisk ROM for the ZTE Axon 7, and thought others might be interested in learning how it's done. They're sure to point out that it may or may not work with LOS-based ROMs.

EFIDroid Bootloader Being Ported to the LG G4

XDA Senior Member J0SH1X recently released an extremely earky port of EFIDroid for the LG G4. Currently, it doesn't do more than booting Android, but do keep your eyes on its development!

Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 Build Now Available for the Galaxy S6

Thanks to XDA Members xCopyrightPvP, UltraGamerHD, RakuDEV, corewell, J0SH1X, pkp1612, The Sickness, the rest of nexus7420 Team, and the LineageOS Team, we now have an unofficial build of LineageOS 14.1 for the Galaxy S6. Current bugs include the torch & camera (only in some apps).

Xperia XZ Mod Disables Speaker Protection, Increases Speaker Volume, and More

XDA Senior Member dontbelive recently released an audio mod that increases headphone/speaker volumes, adds more bass to headphones, disables the speaker protection and some other "build.prop changes." It currently works on the Xperia XZ, but support should be coming to the Z5 & other XZ devices.

Mod Fixes Some AOSP/LOS Camera Issues for the Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi's Mi 5 camera has had some issues when using camera apps in AOSP/LineageOS based ROMs. XDA Senior Member Tech_Savvy has a mod that fixes things such as video recording, upside down bug, EIS not working in the Google Camera, and it enables the Camera2 API.

WallR App Brings HD Wallpapers with Low Poly “Crystallize” Functionality

WallR is a wallpaper app that provides you hundreds of wallpapers to choose from. Beta users get premium functionality, which allows you to use the crystallize function to create low-poly artwork from the wallpapers.

Root has been Achieved for the Qualcomm Galaxy S7/S7 Edge on Android Nougat

A few days ago, we published a post about users achieving root access on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge by flashing an engineering boot image via ODIN. Now, XDA Senior Member Araltd discovered that other carrier variants, including the T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices, can also be rooted using this...

A Port of DualBootPatcher is Available for the OnePlus 3T

XDA Senior Member chenxiaolong originally created the DualBootPatcher tool to allow you to patch the installation script and/or boot image of a secondary ROM so you can dual-boot. Many years later, the project has been unofficially ported to the OnePlus 3T thanks to XDA Junior Member Glove007. While it isn't as user friendly as MultiROM, this tool is still...

Fix SafetyNet Issues on the Huawei P8lite by bringing back Google Device Certification

If you installed the newest B594 update with March security patches on the Huawei P8lite, you may have noticed that SafetyNet check fails due to a CTS profile mismatch. If you're looking for a fix, then check out this thread by XDA Senior Member kilroystyx who has discovered a patch to make your device pass Google Device Certification once...

Bootloader Unlock Guide for the LG V20 H915 Variant

Do you own an LG V20 H915 variant (the one sold in some North American markets)? If so, you may be disappointed to see that there is no official or unofficial bootloader unlocking method out for your phone. However, by converting your device's model to the US996 variant, you can then unlock the bootloader and...

Start Building LineageOS 14.1 yourself for the Galaxy Note 4

If you own the Qualcomm Snapdragon (SM-N910F/G) variant of the Galaxy Note 4 and would like to build your own LineageOS firmware, then check out a guide written by XDA Senior Member _mone. The guide is written in a step-by-step, easy to follow format so all you need to do is copy and paste most of the...

Install EMUI 5.0 (based on Android 7.0 Nougat) on the Honor Note 8

The first version of Android Nougat for the Honor Note 8 is now available to beta testers. For those of you who are not participating in the beta program though, XDA Senior Member letschky has put together a guide to help you manually install it. You will have to have an unlocked bootloader, though, because the process...