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Magisk Module to Enable PlayStation Remote Play on Unsupported Devices

PlayStation Remote Play is a neat application that enables your mobile device to remotely access your PlayStation console to play games, but it's only officially available for Sony devices. There have been a few unofficial ports available for quite some time, but if you've been having issues with the recent update to version 4.50, then...

Guide: Transform a Chinese Axon 7 to the U.S. Axon 7

Did you purchase the Chinese variant of the ZTE Axon 7 and want to change it to the U.S. model to get rid of the stock bloatware and have working Google Assistant? If you have an unlocked bootloader and TWRP flashed, then follow this guide by XDA Member danromania to transform your A2017 model to the...

Read the Moto Z Battery Mod Percentage on Custom ROMs using this App

One of the issues with using custom ROMs on the Moto Z family is compatibility with Moto Mods. If your custom ROM doesn't support the Battery Mod, then try out this application by XDA Senior Member erfanoabdi to read the current battery percentage of the Battery Mod. The app works on Moto Z devices running a...

Guide to Add Custom Text in the Status Bar of Sony Devices

XDA Senior Member Bewildered Wolf has a quick guide up for those who want to add text into the status bar of a Sony device. It requires that you decompile SystemUI with Apktool, insert the text you want in the status bar, and recompile it.

Collection of LG V20 Mods Ported to the LG G5

XDA Senior Member Zacharee1 released a number of mods for the LG V20 last month, and has recently ported them to the LG G5. This includes AOSP signal bars and icons, 3Minit support, color QuickTools, Signature and AOD Signature and more.

Unofficial Port of EFIDroid Released for the Snapdragon Galaxy Note 4

EFIDroid is a second-stage bootloader that uses UEFI firmware to multiboot, originally developed by XDA Recognized Developer / Contributor m11kkaa. Now, the project has just been ported to Snapdragon variants of the Galaxy Note 4 thanks to XDA Senior Member abraha2d. This has been tested on the SM-N910V (trltevzw), SM-N910T (trltetmo), and SM-N910G (trltedt) versions of the Galaxy Note 4.

GSM Unlock Your Sprint LG G5

You can use your Sprint LG G5 on Android 7.0 on both US and International GSM carriers once you GSM unlock it. Follow along the instructions in this thread to do so!

Guide to Fix Battery Drain on Sony’s Latest Nougat Stock ROM

If you are experiencing unusual battery drain on the latest stock ROM based on Nougat for Sony Xperia devices, try out this fix by XDA Recognized Contributor PDesire. You will need a rooted device as you will be editing a few system files to modify Sony's virtual memory settings.

Flashable Zip for Enabling 5 or 7 Quick Settings Toggles in a Row on OnePlus 3T Oxygen OS 4.1

The 3 toggles for Quick Settings may seem a waste of good space. So if you would like to increase the number of toggles to display 5 or 7 in a row on the OxygenOS 4.1 on the OnePlus 3T, flash this modified SystemUI from XDA Member Pharrax.

BusyBox X is a BusyBox Installer with Included Widget and Live Wallpaper

BusyBox X is a BusyBox Installer from our forums that does all that is expected from a BusyBox installer and more. In addition to BusyBox binary installation, BusyBox X also features a widget and live wallpaper for displaying system stats.

Phlex — A Google Home Action for Plex Control

Phlex is a PHP web application that allows you to link your Google Home with your Plex collection and control playback to any device on the network capable of speaking Plex or Cast. You can also add media directly to apps like Sonarr and Couchpotato using voice control.

3D Panorama Plugin for Stock Camera on the Huawei Mate 9

If you'd like to take 3D photos on your Huawei Mate 9, install this plugin to enable 3D photo mode on the stock camera application. Install the apk, swipe left at the main camera mode, select the plugin, and go!