CBS Reportedly Signs on for Google’s Unplugged Web TV Service

CBS Reportedly Signs on for Google’s Unplugged Web TV Service

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There have been a number reports that talked about the possibility of Google launching their own online TV service. The service is said to be called Unplugged, but this could end up being changed before Google launches it. The latest report says the company is scheduled to launch the web TV service in “early 2017,” and that it will be built off Google’s very own YouTube platform. It’s also said that Google will keep this new web TV service will likely be separate from the company’s newly launched YouTube Red service.

We’ve been hearing these reports over the last year, but each time it was talked about the outlook did not look so good. The reports made it seem like Google was struggling to get TV studios on board with the service. We’ve actually seen this shift going on with Netflix, as the company has lost a lot of their library content thanks to contracts expiring and these studios launching their own online video service.

The latest news for Google’s Unplugged TV service says that CBS has just signed on and will have their content available on the platform. The Wall Street Journal cites “people familiar with the matter” and says Google is currently in early negotiations with 21st Century Fox. The source also claims that Google is in advanced talks with both NBCUniversal and Disney. So far it is unclear if Google has been able to bring any other studios on board with the service.

The report talks about a small bundle of live TV channels will be available for a price of between $25 and $40. But Google is entering a crowded market of online video content with other companies like Hulu, Netflix and others already having matured platforms. On top of that, Hulu says they are planning on offering major broadcast networks and select cable channels for about $40 per month sometime next year.

Source: The Wall Street Journal