Chainfire Brings DSLR Controller Out of Beta

Chainfire Brings DSLR Controller Out of Beta

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Chainfire is well known for the creation of SuperSU, but many don’t realize that he works on a number of other applications as well. One of these other applications is called DSLR Controller, and it saw its very first release way back in August of 2011. The application has been in beta and has been moving up the 0.x version ranks over the years, but this week it has graduated to its first official 1.00 release.

Chainfire says the reason why he decided to drop the beta moniker was due to the fact that USB Host is becoming more and more common on Android smartphones these days. The application does exactly what it sounds like, it enables you to connect your smartphone to your DSLR camera via an OTG cable, and then control various features of the camera from directly within the application.

The new update comes with some new features and support for additional DSLR cameras. For those who currently own a 5D Mark IV or 80D camera, the latest update now brings support for these two models. If your DSLR camera has an NFC tag, then the application will initiate the connection process with a simple tap. Liveview resolution support comes with this update as well, along with Continuous AF (photo) and Movie Servo AF (video) and Android 7.0 Nougat support too.

If you’d like to check this application from Chainfire out, you can find the Google Play app page for it right here. The discussion thread for the application is right here on XDA and can be found here. And if you’re still unsure exactly what this application does, then be sure to check out the video embedded below as it gives a good demonstration of exactly how it can help photographers who currently own a DSLR camera.


Source: +Chainfire