Chainfire’s Holey Light app gets its biggest update yet with new Samsung and Google device support

Chainfire’s Holey Light app gets its biggest update yet with new Samsung and Google device support

XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire‘s Holey Light app is getting its biggest update yet. The app now offers support for a bunch of new Samsung and Google devices, Android 11 compatibility, and much more. Read on to learn more about everything new in the latest Holey Light update.

For the unaware, Holey Light is a handy app that lets you turn the hole-punch cutout on your device into a notification LED. The app was initially only available for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 lineup, but its latest update (v. 1.00) brings support for the Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy S20 series, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the Google Pixel 5, and the Pixel 4a.


Additionally, the update includes a host of new features, including new options to show app icons and the AOD clock in the Unholey Light mode, the ability to adjust the thickness of the camera notification animation, support for conversation and bubble notifications, and improved Dark Mode support. On top of that, the update brings stability and reliability improvements, optimizations for CPU and battery usage, and additional language support. Check out the section below for the complete Holey Light v1.00 changelog:

Holey Light v1.00 changelog

  • Compatibility
    • Leverage Samsung firmware-specific camera area size, position, and animation: adds basic support for all Samsung devices
    • Added support for Google Pixel devices; currently 4A and 5 tested, 4A 5G needs a tester!
    • Specific adjustments for Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
  •  Donations
    • Added In-App Purchase donations – completely optional without nags. These do not unlock any additional features, change functionality in any way, or entitle the user to anything. Note that these only work if the app installed through Google Play.
  •  Android 11
    • Updated cutout positioning
    • Updated scaling math
    • Updated targetSdk
    • Added newly required permissions
    • Fixed accessibility service token error
    • Fixed Unholey Light not working at all
    • Split several code paths into Android 9, 10 and 11 specific versions
  •  Unholey Light
    • Add option to display icons inside circle (enabled by default)
    • Add option to display clock (disabled by default)
    • Smoother transitions
    • Rework of TSP area detection
    • Improved stability/reliability
    • Improve update speed on new notification
    • Fixed several (rare) internal crashes
    • Reduce display jumping around
  •  Hide AOD
    • Improved bottom area detection for partial hide
    • Added overlay linger option to reduce AOD flashing when going from screen off to lockscreen
  •  Notifications
    • Colors: Added fast scrolling capability
    • Colors: Added (long-press) option to respect or ignore (default) notification color state
    • Colors: Added save/load functionality
    • Timeouts: Added option to track timeouts separately for screen on and off states
    • Timeouts: Seekbars: Show value in title bar to improve UX
    • Persist seen state across resolution and density changes
    • Added black fill option to hide small misalignments in camera animations
    • Added tuning option to increase camera animation thickness
    • Rework dp adjustments math
    • Disable animation during phone calls to prevent some weird behavior
    • Detect and handle “silent” conversations
    • Detect and handle bubbles correctly
    • Detect and handle groups
    • Changed default color for notifications to the app icon’s dominant color, with brightness and saturation maxed out
  •  AOD Helper
    • Complete overhaul
    • Now directly advertised and integrated into main settings rather than a hidden package deep in the XDA thread
    • Samsung: Still quirky and not fully compatible with all options – use with care!
    • Pixel: Added AOD brightness improvement; automatic AOD control not implemented (see AOD Helper source for notes)
    • Pixel: Automatically fix permissions with root, if available
  •  Translations
    • Many translations are now horribly outdated 🙁 Please help!
    • Added German
    • Added Greek
    • Updated Chinese
    • Added option to switch language
  •  Debugging
    • Added master-switch long-press to enable super-secret debug mode
    • Added overlay debugging mode
    • Added (app-only) logcat dump
    • Built state tester (devs only)
  •  Notices and popups
    • Reworked various parts of the setup wizard
    • Added notice about location detection needing to be enabled for companion device permission
    • Samsung: Added option to preload black image into AOD rather than going the theme route
    • Samsung: Added informational notices about fingerprint icon on AOD
    • Samsung: Added informational notices about battery status on AOD
    • Pixel: Added informational notice about AOD brightness
  •  Miscellaneous
    • Reduced CPU and battery usage
    • Improve AOD handling in tap-to-show mode
    • Reworked resolution and density change detection and handling
    • Several small tweaks in settings display to improve uniformity
    • Improve performance of tuning adjustments
    • Fix broken dark mode support
    • Enabled ProGuard for release builds
    • Updated AndroidX dependencies
    • Updated graphics and screenshots for Google Play

In case you have one of the aforementioned devices, you can now download the latest version of Holey Light by following the Play Store link below. The app is completely free to use, ad-free, and open source. Do check out the XDA Forum thread if you face any issues setting it up on your phone. For more detailed information about the update, check out Holey Light’s GitHub page.

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