Chainfire Updates LiveBoot to Support SuperSU’s SBIN mode, Adds Oreo Support to FlashFire

Chainfire Updates LiveBoot to Support SuperSU’s SBIN mode, Adds Oreo Support to FlashFire

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Chainfire is known for his work on SuperSU as it enables root access on thousands upon thousands of Android devices. However, the man also works on a number of other applications that are also quite popular among the Android community. Two of them in particular are LiveBoot and FlashFire. Now that Chainfire is back from his vacation, he has just pushed out two small but important updates to these two applications via the Play Store.

First off we have FlashFire, which is described as “the most advanced on-device firmware flasher available for rooted Android devices.” Not only can you use it to flash full firmware packages from various OEMs, but you can also use it to install OTA updates while maintaining root access as well. The interesting part of FlashFire is that you don’t even need a custom recovery installed to accomplish this. Since the Android Oreo update though, this application stopped working due to some changes that Google made.

Chainfire says these changes that made FlashFire not work on Oreo are likely related to Treble, but that issue has been resolved thanks to a new graphics driver. There hasn’t been extensive testing done at this time, but a few quick tests have shown it to fix the issue FlashFire had on Android Oreo devices. Another one of his applications is called LiveBoot, and it too just received a new update that added support for the new Android Oreo update.

This update was a bit bigger than that of FlashFire though as LiveBoot is also now compatible with SuperSU’s SBIN mode. This is a tiny but important modification, so those who were having issues with it before should be sure to update to the latest version. There was also a bug that caused the animation to keep running on some devices. This was caused by the 64-bit toolbox/toybox detection but has now been fixed with the latest update.

You can find the official XDA forum thread for LiveBoot here, and the official XDA forum for FlashFire here.

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