Chainfire Releases a Beta of SuperSU v2.82 SR1

Chainfire Releases a Beta of SuperSU v2.82 SR1

Google released the third developer preview of Android O this week and people are already starting to install it on supported Nexus and Pixel devices. This update brings forth the final APIs that will be included in Android 8.0 and Google in encouraging developers to get their applications tested and ready for the full release. It wasn’t even a full 12 hours after the release of the new developer preview that Chainfire announced he was able to get SuperSU working on the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and the Pixel XL.

The existing versions of SuperSU don’t work on the new update out of the box, but Chainfire says there were only two lines of code that needed to be changed in order to get things up and running. So early this morning the new version of SuperSU was released to the public and this has the version 2.82 SR1. It’s currently in beta right now so be prepared for everything to not work as expected. In fact, Chainfire even details the change and some of the issues in the new Google+ post this morning.

For devices running Android 5.1 Lollipop and older, you could experience dalvik-cache rebuilds on every single boot. The developers are unable to reproduce this, but it’s being reported. If you’re one of the ones who experience this, be sure to check the forum thread for SuperSU beta to help zero in on the issue. This new update to SuperSU also fixes some compatibility issue with new firmware versions on Huawei devices, but don’t expect it to fix all the issues.

Chainfire reminds people that Samsung devices are having some trouble with SuperSU so it’s advised that you format /data to disable encryption before flashing SuperSU. We’re told that versions v2.82-SR1 onwards will automatically sign the patched boot image, if the original boot image is also signed. So Pixel users will no longer have to manually flash the Android Verified Boot signing ZIP file like before. This update also adapts to some new Android O changes such as SELinux, split policies, lz4 compressed kernel binary and more. You’ll find the raw changelog down below.

SuperSU v2.82 SR1 Beta Changelog

– ZIP: Detect AVB signature on input boot image, and sign output image accordingly (force with SIGNBOOTIMAGE, custom keys in /tmp/avb)
– ZIP: Samsung/7.0+: if /data is not currently encrypted, disable encryption (unless KEEPFORCEENCRYPT or REMOVEENCRYPTABLE are set)
– ZIP: Detect TWRP UI slot switch (Pixel/XL: 3.1.0-RC2+)
– ZIP: Further improve /system device detection
– ZIP: Support compiling sepolicy from split CILs
– ZIP: Kernel patch: support LZ4 compressed kernels (new format only)
– ZIP: Mount /vendor
– ZIP: Add /vendor/lib[64] to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
– ZIP: Initial Pixel+ODP2 support
– ZIP+APK: Fixes in boot partition detection
– sukernel: Allow cpio-add of 0-byte files
– sukernel: Add dtb (in-kernel only) related features
– suinit: Improve logging
– suinit: Support pre-mounting /system and /system_root (ODP2+)
– sukernel+suinit+ZIP: Reduce system_root footprint by dynamically importing entries at boot
– supolicy: Adjustments for ODP3

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