Chainfire Retires from SuperSU, to Leave Fully February 24th

Chainfire Retires from SuperSU, to Leave Fully February 24th

Two years ago, Chinese company CCMT bought SuperSU from Chainfire, a move which did produce a lot of chatter, and in some cases negative emotions, in the Android enthusiast community. Today Chainfire has finally announced his retirement from working on SuperSU on his Google+ page, becoming only an advisor until February 24th when his contract fully expires. He will no longer be working on SuperSU in any capacity once his contract has ended. He also says that his root applications may be affected in time.

Chainfire assures users that the people that have SuperSU now have their hearts in the right place and that he has been conducting full code reviews as development went along and approves of the changes. The fact that it is not open source leaves many feeling uncomfortable, especially when open source alternatives such as Magisk currently exist.


This marks the end of Chainfire’s five and a half year long tenure with SuperSU, being the first to release a no-strings-attached root module for Android, simply a flash and go zip installation. Chainfire also released suhide when SafetyNet became an issue in an attempt to hide the root binaries.

Chainfire also points out that this is just after the ten year anniversary of his first application release, KaiserTweak. KaiserTweak was originally a Windows Mobile application for tweaking various system settings.

This does not mark the end of Chainfire’s adventure with Android, and he has expressed an interest in Kotlin and Swift. Both are used for Android app development. He only recently launched too, which is a website dedicated to hosting factory images for as many devices as possible for the convenience of users. Chainfire may be done with SuperSU, but this doesn’t mean he’s leaving the Android scene and community behind!

Source: Chainfire’s Google+

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