Chainfire Roots Lollipop on the Nexus 9!

Chainfire Roots Lollipop on the Nexus 9!

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Just a few hours ago, we talked about how the Android 5.0 Lollipop-powered factory images were released for Google’s latest flagship tablet, the Nexus 9. Naturally, this meant that it would not be too long before someone stepped up to the plate and rooted the device. This someone happened to be none other than XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire, who not only rooted the device, but also created a 64-bit build of the SuperSU binary in the process.

Achieving root on the Nexus 9 isn’t quite as simple using CF-Auto-Root. This is because at this time, the CF-Auto-Root framework isn’t updated to be able to live patch kernels (Lollipop requirement) and work with 64-bit devices. That said, the more “manual” method is still only a few lines in your terminal consisting of (1) enabling fastboot oem unlock functionality through developer options, (2) actually executing fastboot oem unlock, (3) executing fastboot boot inject.img, and (4) executing fastboot flash boot patched.img.

As you can see, although there are a few more steps involved than using CF-Auto-Root, it is by no means a complicated procedure. Those looking to get in on the oh-so-sweet rooted Nexus 9 action can get started by heading over to the Nexus 9 root thread.

[Image courtesy of DroidModderX]