Chainfire Turns Your Bootanimation into a Logging Center

Chainfire Turns Your Bootanimation into a Logging Center

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Having a nice boot animation certainly adds a little bit of aesthetic polish to your ROM. But other than its purely aesthetic value, boot animations don’t really provide any useful information. When your device is boot looping or one of your services is constantly crashing, ADB is still the most reliable option to get information. There are plenty applications able to get logs straight from device, but not many can access logs while booting.

XDA Senior Recognized Developer and Senior Moderator Chainfire, known from various projects such as SuperSU and CF-Root, decided to “tweak” the boot animation by adding logcat and dmesg logging. LiveBoot is a root-only application that can replace standard your boot animation with logs, or it can be used as a semi-transparent background. The user can decide which logs are displayed, so this application can be very handy when your device fails to boot.

LiveBoot should work with most Android 4.3+ devices. There might be some problems with some specific device firmwares, but this shouldn’t be too common. LiveBoot requires the newest SuperSU 2.40 to work properly, so update now if you haven’t already.

More information about the project and download files can be found in the LiveBoot application thread. Head over there if you want to change your bootanimation into a complex logging center.