Challenge Your Brain With CrossMaster for Android

Challenge Your Brain With CrossMaster for Android

There is nothing better than sitting down and being able to play something challenging on your device (if you have the available time during the day, that is). Mindless shooting, driving, fighting, and other types of games are completely overrated and they get boring after a while. However, when the game deals with puzzles, which will keep your mind active and you awake, then that is a completely different story. This seems to be the case for CrossMaster, which was developed by XDA member agascon. This game may seem simple at first, but as with any puzzle type of game, it will get harder and harder as you go along. The instructions are rather simple: you are presented with a screen with blocks randomly placed. Your objective is to draw a line across the exact number of blocks that you are told in every turn until you clean the stage completely. You have to watch your moves as you may end up with blocks left on the screen with no way to meet the cross demand. Interesting indeed.

The dev is currently looking for feedback, so if you install this game, please share your thoughts.

Hi guys!

We have created a new puzzle game for Android called CrossMaster, which we have just published on the Android Market and are looking now to increase its visibility (a bit hard on the market…  )

You can find more information in the game thread.

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