How to change the OnePlus 6T’s Splash Screen [Root]

How to change the OnePlus 6T’s Splash Screen [Root]

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If there’s one thing I enjoy the most about the Android platform it is the open source nature. This allows talented developers to create mods which change various parts of the software and in some cases can completely change the software that’s running on the hardware. These mods can be quite popular as they help to personalize the product we just spent upwards of $1,000 (or more in some cases) on. A highly requested mod we see is the ability to change the splash screen to something the user connects to more than just a product logo.

OnePlus 6T XDA Forum

Those who recently purchased the OnePlus 6T can now do this thanks to the work from XDA Senior Member foobar66 (who gives original credit to XDA Senior Member makers_mark). foobar66 took the work that markers_mark did with the OnePlus 6 and made some modifications so the custom splash screen mod works on the OnePlus 6T. foobar66 is using a Linux tool to extract the splash screen images from a raw dump of the LOGO partition but says it should be easy to compile the program under Windows.

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