Change the Hidden Settings of Your Kernel with RomManager

Change the Hidden Settings of Your Kernel with RomManager

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A few years ago, the CyanogenMod team released an application to download and flash ROMs directly. ROM Manager was also able to flash a ClockworkMod recovery and perform a variety of additional tasks. But with a new and unrelated app by XDA Senior Member hastalafiesta also called RomManager, you can now perform a variety of tasks on your existing ROM and kernel.

The application allows users to easily enable or disable tweaks that can improve your Internet connection, SD card performance, and battery life. Many advanced tweaks like Fsync, IO stats, and EXT4 enhancements can be turned on with just one click. If your ROM supports the CRT animation, RomManager can disable or re-enable the animation with ease. With this app, you can also optimize the GPS on your device and do many more things with your kernel or graphics.

To use this application, you must be rooted and be running a custom kernel. If you are unsure what a custom kernel can do for your phone, we recommend visiting XDA-University, where you can find many interesting articles with information about governors, IO schedulers, and more.

If you wish to change various performance-related settings on your phone or tablet, head over to the application thread and give RomManager a shot.