Change the Taskbar in Windows Mobile 6.5.x

Change the Taskbar in Windows Mobile 6.5.x

Windows Mobile 6.5.X has brought us some very nice new features, but not all of those new features are attractive. This new taskbar changes the currently available taskbar into something a little more attractive and functional.

Originally Posted by djcedric

Many requests to make new taskbar for 6.5.x roms so here it is
Not finished yet but new dll sms & volume included.
Also new blue waitcursor included.

Don’t forget this taskbar is basicly from tsowen, I have changed and remade icons & dll’s so credits go still to Tsowen & me
Also thanks to Xannytech as I’ve taken a copy of his work to change it with mine

Very important: I have talked with some cookers and the result is that shell is different from sys 218xx and 23xxx and 28xxx

Continue on the application thread.

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