XDA Changelog

XDA has gone through a lot of change over the years. We’ve added new features, changed our policies, and have made updates to the way you interact with the site. This is the XDA Changelog, where you can see all of the changes we’ve made in the past, and keep updated with new stuff we do in the future. It’s not 100% complete, but it covers the most important changes.

This page will be updated monthly, so be sure to check back to see what’s new!

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xda2003Dec 20 A simple phpBB webisite is created by NAH6 Crypto Products BV that looked like this xda-developers.com


Jan 10 XDAManipulator IMEI changing tool launched Wiki Ref
Feb 10 
First major XDA ROM manipulation Tool developed, XDA-Arit along with XDA Unlock Tool
July 26 The first XDA ROM Kitchen is announced (custom ROM kitchen for the Wallaby)
Aug 20
Site Administrator Peter Poelman announces XDATools


Oct 29 xda-developers subdivides forums by phone model for the first time
Oct 29 
xda database records lost in major site revamp
Dec 05
Total Membership reaches 3000



Feb 23 User Avatars disabled due to a security problem
Apr 24 
XDA’s FTP Servers for ROMs and Tools require log in for the first time due to malicious trashing of files
Jun 20 
Addition of the XDA-Wiki
Dec 18
FreeBSD that sits underneath xda-developers.com is updated and eAccelerator installed to overcome major site slowness. Not a long term fix however.


Oct xda-developers moves to vBulletin



Jan 31 An average of 110 new threads and 800 posts per day
Jan 31 
New Registrations average 700 per day
Feb 15 
Microsoft orders the removal of ROMs hosted on XDA’s FTP. Ref1 Ref2
Feb 20 
Members launch a petition to be sent to Microsoft
Jul 31
New User Registrations per day breaks 1000 for the first time


Jan 31 New Registrations average 1600 per day
Jan 31 An average of 250 new threads and 3000 posts per day
Apr 08 XDA founder, Peter Poelman Announces the XDA Store “an online shop for HTC and related phones, accessories and software”. Link


Jan 31 An average of 350 new threads and 4500 posts per day
Jan 31 
New Registrations average 2300 per day
Feb 11 
Microsoft ask XDA Developers to remove all OEM ROMs, although this is not pursued by Microsoft.
May 12 
PHP-worker server added. Great improvement to site speed as online numbers head towards 10,000
Jun 10 
News articles added to front page, focusing on items originating at XDA that have been picked up by the outside world.
Jun 10
 New front page is added based on a PHP script and portal is cached every 5 minutes for quick loading.
Jul 16
Plans are made to add full-fledged news-editors for the portal.
Jul 16 RSS feed planned for news items



Jan 10 XDA-Developers is bought by JB Online Media, LLC
Jan 10 
forum is created to facilitate Developer feedback and new titles for Developers are proposed
Feb 10 
A new revamped Portal is launched with much improved news writing as a focus
Jan 27
 XDA adds the first non-HTC device forums
Jan 31 
New Registrations average 2400 per day
Mar 01 
The Title News Writer is given to those writing for the Portal
Mar 10 
Users given the ability to Rate threads
Mar 19 
WP7 Development Forum Added
Apr 04
 XDA Android App launched
Apr 26
 XDA gets Official Twitter handle
May 17 
egzthunder1 appointed as Portal Admin
May 17 
MikeChannon appointed as Forum Admin
May 25 
A new tier of Moderators is created to cover individual forums. There is now a Senior Tier in a supervisory role supported by a much larger group of Forum Specific Forum Moderators (FSFMs)
Jun 01 
Flar (Forum Admin) retires
Jun 10 
The XDA 2010 style is introduced. The yellow days are over! (unless you choose the “Classic” Theme)
Jun 21 
Older devices moved to “Legacy” status due to never ending list of forums.
Jun 21 
Compact View mode introduced
July 20 
Old Wiki migrated to MediaWiki
Jun 25 
Vote to front page feature added
Aug 16 
XDA clarifies the GPL policy, given the importance of open source development
Sep 02 
XDA embraces the “tablets” in addition to phones. Original Galaxy Tab added as the first (of many)
Oct 21 iPhone-Developers.com launched as an xda community site
Nov 26 
XDA-TV is announced
Dec 10
 Thanks Button added to reduce “thanks posts” in threads
Dec 10 A new Committee of Senior Mods is created to appoint, review and monitor both Moderator tiers (Moderator Committee)


Jan 11 Voting starts for potential “personalities” for XDA-TV
Jan 19 Recognized Developer Program is conceived
Jan 20 XDA gets its own official YouTube channel and XDA-TV is born
Jan 23 The Developer Committee of Senior Mods is formed to deal with the new Recognized Developer system
Jan 24 Paid software section added
Jan 31 An average of 1300 new threads and 26000 posts per day
Jan 31 New Registrations average 5500 per day
Feb 04 XDA-TV Goes live (azrienoch’s first video)
Feb 15 Samsung in touch with XDA. SamsungJohn gets flamed by users
Feb 25 XDA App goes Premium
Mar 30 Windows Phone 7 XDA-App launched
May 04 iTrader rating introduced for Market Place traders
Mar 08 WebOS forum added
May 11 Ten post rule automated system added to prevent new users posting in “development” forums
May 13 Registration requirement for downloading attachments disabled
May 26 The original XDA Noob Video is introduced
July 19 The Original Development forum concept is introduced as a trial for the Samsung Galaxy S2
Aug 11 Iron Fist officially announced
Aug 31 New Reported Post system goes live
Oct 12 Member Found Deals forum added
Nov 30 The dedicated Hardware Hacking forum is introduced
Dec 27 Russell Holly becomes Portal Admin
Dec 29 Contextual Search feature added



Jan 18 XDA-Developers blacks out in support of the anti-SOPA/PIPA protests that would curb internet freedoms
Jan 31 
An average of 1600 new threads and 36000 posts per day
Jan 31
 New Registrations average 1800 per day
Feb 02 
Willverduzco takes over as Portal Admin
Feb 02 
Portal focus shifted to development not general/consumer mobile news
Feb 07 
Marketplace rules revamped and restrictions added to prevent scams
Feb 24 
XDA Premium HD for Tablets Released
Mar 02 
JimmyMcGee made head of XDA TV
Mar 29 
Recognized Developer code of conduct published on Portal
Mar 29 
Recognition is given to XDA’s top developers who will be titled “Elite Recognized Developers
Mar 29 
New titles are Awarded: Recognized Themers and Regognized Contributors each group having their own private chat forums.
May 01 
bitpushr replaces kernelpan1c as our sysadmin
May 19 
Beta testing begins on XDA 2012 beta theme (to be later renamed to XDA 2013)
Jun 05
 “XDA Developers’ Android Hacker’s Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Rooting, ROMs and Theming” book is released
Jun 13 
XDA posts its stance on GPL compliance
Jun 15 
Appointing of Liaisons for RC-RT group to have a more consolidated approach
Jun 19 
XDA 2013 Theme (Beta) Introduced
Jul 03 
Tightened guidelines for accepting RCs and RTs
Jul 03
 Training for XDA forum-specific mods rolled out
Jul 03 
Banning Policy announced
Aug 31
Free XDA Build Server goes live for Recognized Developers
Sep 03 
Decision to close legacy forums
Sep 12 
Comment system on the Portal moved to Disqus
Sep 18 
A new “Thanks Widget” is added to the forum sidebar to help find most useful posts within a thread
Oct 09 
All registered members can use Thanks (not just those with >5 posts)
Oct 09 
Recognized Developer program re-opened with streamlined processes and tighter restrictions
Oct 10 
New forum created for the Raspberry Pi Android device
Nov 12 
Added the first Developer Discussion forum for devs to “talk shop” in GNII and GSIII
Nov 12 
jerdog heads up Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) relations
Nov 30 
The XDA-Marketplace is closed
Dec 20 
XDA-Developers is 10 years old!
Dec 20 
The XDA-University is revealed.
Dec 15 Forum Moderators are reorganized into OEM and carrier-based teams instead of being allocated to just one or two specific forums, thus giving each forum coverage by six to ten moderators


Jan 5 Added Android Stick Computers forum
Jan 13 Q&A Forums renamed to Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting
Jan 16 New Registrations average 2000 per day.
Jan 16 An average of 1650 new threads and 40000 posts per day
Feb 4 Added Smart Watches forum
Jul 3 A major new database of ROMs,  Kernels and Tools called DevDB is piloted
Aug 8 XDA Development Database Enters Stage Two Rollout
Aug 9 – Aug 11 XDA achieves major-name sponsorship for its first Conference by and for Developers XDA: DevCon, hosted at the Conrad Hilton, Miami Florida:  Link 2  XDA: DevCon
Aug 17 New XDA mobile app, XDA Premium 4 is released.
Sep 12 Google log-in is enabled for new member registrations
Sep 16 Sony Cross-Device Development Forum pilot is announced.


Jan 5  Sony Cross-Device Development Forum pilot declared a success and new Sony devices added
Jan 16 New Registrations average 1850 per day.
Jan 16 An average of 1200 new threads and 28000 posts per day
Apr 4 XDA Community Apps forum added covering: Xposed General, Framaroot, and MX Player
May 06 DevDB  integrated into XDA’s notification system, and added a variable system for managing multi-device projects.
Sep 16 XDA adds its first Android One forums for Google’s emerging markets platform for sub $100 phones.
Sep 25 Major site redesign for both the forums and the portal.  2015 Theme launched

XDA Forum Theme 2015

Sep 26 -Sep28 XDA-Developers second Conference for and by Developers. Held this time in Manchester UK.  XDA:Devcon
Oct 01 News Portal gets a facelift in line with recently added XDA 2015 Forum Theme

XDA Portal 2015 Theme

Nov 13 XDA goes live with innovative new live question and answer Google Helpouts for guests.