Charging LED as CPU Status Indicator

Charging LED as CPU Status Indicator

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XDA forum member britoso is back again with another Android app – this time making use of the LED on the Nexus One.

Based off code from NetMeter, britoso has added to the original code to set the top-right battery LED colour depending on the CPU load.  NetMeterLED runs as a service in the background.

Here are the colours used for the CPU% colour:

  • <3 – off
  • 3-15 – blue
  • 16-40 – green
  • 41-75 – amber
  • >=76 – red

Confirmed to be working on the Google Nexus One and tested on FroYo FRF50, britoso mentions that NetMeterLED will likely work on the Desire and other Android HTC devices, but will require root.

The apk is available to download in the application thread.