Get an Edge-to-Edge Display Phone for Only $99

Get an Edge-to-Edge Display Phone for Only $99

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UMIDIGI has announced a new edge-to-edge smartphone display in their UMIDIGI Crystal phone. Cash in on the bezel-less trend that is taking over the smartphone world without spending an absurd amount of money.

Following the iPhone 7 knockoff known as the UMIDIGI G, which was just announced yesterday, they launched another new phone today on their official website. This one is following the trend that we are seeing in many of the flagship phones out recently. The edge-to-edge screen on the UMIDIGI Crystal is bringing this high end feature to a budget phone.

UMIDIGI has made this new phone to be affordable for just about everyone, offering a really good looking phone with decent specs at a great price. This company continues to find themselves paving the way when it comes to premium features in their budget devices. This phone is going head-to-head with the Xiaomi Mi Mix, another well-known frameless smartphone.

The Crystal comes in two different versions. According to UMIDIGI’s website, there is a Lumia edition which is the pro version. There is also an all-metal unibody version. Both versions will come with the MTK Helio P25 processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. The edge-to-edge display has a 5.5” full-HD AMOLED screen.

You’ll be able to get the Crystal on June 15, but right now you can get a killer pre-order price of $99 by subscribing to UMIDIGI’s official website.