“Check for updates” button now works on the Pixel 2 with the latest Google Play Services

“Check for updates” button now works on the Pixel 2 with the latest Google Play Services

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When a new phone update is available, many of us scramble to receive it as fast as possible. This can involve convoluted methods like trying to use a VPN to spoof the location of your device, or even flashing the latest factory images manually which can end up wiping your device if you forget to properly modify the batch script. Either way, Google knows that a user wanting to upgrade ahead of the scheduled roll-out will find a way regardless, so they’ve been working on making it easier. On the Google Pixel 2, so long as your Google Play Services is updated to the latest version, you can simply navigate to the system settings and tap the “Check for update” button to receive the update.

This was technically added to Android awhile back, but for one reason or another, it just didn’t work. Thankfully it seems that Google has finally got around to fixing the issue in the latest version of the Google Play Services beta: 12.2.09. You can download it on APKMirror, or opt into the Google Play Services beta here and wait for the Google Play Store to update your device’s Play Services. It is unknown what devices this method currently works on though, but it is at least confirmed to work on the Google Pixel 2.

Be warned that updates to carrier models can be delayed, and no amount of button tapping will help you there. Still, this is a welcome change among Android enthusiasts, especially since each monthly security patch seems to bring critical fixes for some new disclosed vulnerability, or new features are added such as the Pixel Visual Core being activated for Instagram, Snapchat, and Whatsapp.

Source: /r/GooglePixel