How to check for the latest update available on your Chromebook

How to check for the latest update available on your Chromebook

One of the best things about Chromebooks is the frequent updates. Google is constantly rolling out updates to Chrome OS. You may not even realize when your Chromebook has been updated. Updates in Chrome OS are much easier than a Windows PC or Mac. However, you may wonder about the latest update for your specific Chromebook. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to find out.

Google “Evangelist” Fran├žois Beaufort shared a cool Chrome OS tip on Google+ the other day. There is a webpage that shows all Chrome OS updates that are currently served on all devices. This includes the beta, dev, and canary channels. You can find your device on the list and see the latest available update for every channel. The page also includes recovery files, which can be used with the Chromebook Recovery Utility.

Now you’ll never have to wonder what version of Chrome OS is the most recent for your device. It may seem like a simple thing, but when you’re on the bleeding edge of technology, a page like this can be very helpful. This is also an easy way to see how far ahead less stable channels are and whether you should switch.

Check the latest update for your Chromebook

Source: Fran├žois Beaufort

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