Check Moodle On the Go with Moody

Check Moodle On the Go with Moody

If you’re attending high school or university, you may have heard of Moodle. For those who haven’t it’s an online platform for teachers and students to get together and share resources, hand in homework and assignments, act as an online announcement board, as well as other things. It’s a useful and convenient service for teachers and professors, as well as for students who are at home ‘sick’ for the day.

So to help you stay connected with Moodle both online and offline, XDA Forum Member firetrap developed an app called Moody. Compatible with Moodle 2.2 and newer, it takes a very Holo and straightforward approach to Moodle on your Android device, and does it very well. Its main features include:

  • Access to courses main contents
  • Notifications about new contents
  • Send Messages to contacts
  • Access to Cloud Storage (Dropbox/Google Drive)
  • Device Hardware Integration
  • Search inside courses

Moody also allows for the options to toggle notifications and vibration for new content and updates, choose your own notification tone, and change the sync frequency. Additionally, Moody is open source, so you can check out the behind-the-scenes or tinker with the app all you want.

The app is still in its alpha phase, so there will probably be some flaws that are yet to be polished out. Nevertheless, Moody is a clean and simple Moodle client for Android that simply works. If you would like to give Moody a go, check out the application thread for more information and download.

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