Chinese Court Sides with Huawei, Tells Samsung to Pay $11.60 Million in Patent Case

Chinese Court Sides with Huawei, Tells Samsung to Pay $11.60 Million in Patent Case

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Huawei had recently taken Samsung to court in their homeland of China when they claimed the South Korean tech giant was using their own intellectual property. This is actually the first of multiple lawsuits that Huawei has filed against Samsung which happened in May of last year. The original report from Reuters didn’t go over exactly what the lawsuit was about, but it was likely the use of unlicensed 4G cellular communications technology used in over 30 million Samsung phones.

Samsung had even filed a counterclaim against Huawei at that time, but those cases have not come to a close just yet. We’ll have to wait to see how Huawei’s other lawsuits turn out, as well as Samsung’s own counterclaim. For now though, this is a big victory for Huawei and a representative has come out and said they welcomed the court’s decision. Samsung has not admitted defeat just yet, and their official response so far has been to wait and decide on how they will respond to the decision.

Huawei filed the lawsuit in Quanzhou court against Samsung China Investment Co Limited, as well as a unit in Huizhou and a unit in Tianjin too. Not only that, but the lawsuit also went after two Chinese electronics companies because they made and sold over 20 different Samsung smartphones and tablets that Huawei believed violated their intellectual property. Until the IP has been licensed properly, the Chinese court has ordered five different firms to stop infringing on Huawei’s copyrights.

This is on top of the three Samsung units that are now required to pay the damages of the patent infringement case. Huawei had originally asked for $12.7 billion in compensation since they felt Samsung was using their IP in over 30 million products the company had sold around the world.

Source: Reuters