Choetech seems to be the latest tech brand delisted on Amazon

Choetech seems to be the latest tech brand delisted on Amazon

Amazon has been relentlessly cracking down on fake and paid reviews as of late. Earlier in May, we saw Amazon giving the boot to several popular Chinese accessory brands, such as Aukey and Mpow, after it was discovered that these brands violated the company’s review guidelines. Then, in June, we saw RavPower meeting the same fate and having all of its products delisted from Amazon for the same reason. The latest to receive the ban hammer seems to be Choetech, a China-based tech accessory brand.

Amazon has seemingly delisted Choetech’s storefront from the platform. While not officially confirmed, this could be the latest brand to have been removed from Amazon following a crackdown on paid reviews. When you go to Amazon and search for Choetech, Amazon no longer shows the company’s products in the search results. Instead, it shows relevant products from other manufactures.


It’s not immediately clear why Choetech disappeared suddenly, but it’s possible the company might have violated Amazon’s guidelines. However, we don’t know for sure if this violation is related to manipulative reviews.

Amazon has strict guidelines for product reviews which prohibits sellers from posting reviews of their own products, buying paid reviews, or offering money or gift cards to users for posting positive reviews. Amazon clearly mentions it has a zero-tolerance policy towards violations of these guidelines. The company says failing to abide by these rules can result in immediate and permanent removal of seller’s products from the platform.

Amazon’s recent crackdowns on sellers follow a massive database leak from SaftyDetectives earlier in May. The leak exposed an organized fake reviews scandal run by some Amazon sellers to procure inorganic reviews and boost product ratings.

We’ve reached out to Amazon PR for a comment and will update this article if we hear back.

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