Choose Your Own Storage with Folders Plug

Choose Your Own Storage with Folders Plug

Playing around with our storage to make better use of it is always important for various reasons ranging from preservation of important data to space being limited (or us being picky about filling up the internal storage in our devices). The problem with this normally comes as to how the apps are made and configured.

By default, most programs install to the internal memory of the device, which makes it vulnerable to deletion (and with it, valuable data). There are several alternatives to this, ranging from regularly backing up with Titanium Backup (or similar), transferring the app entirely to external storage with App2SD (albeit not always possible or recommended due to Unix soft-linking), and possibly a few other options.

XDA Forum Member bartito has come up with yet another alternative to doing this. Folders Plug will allow you to use any directory in your device (be it located in internal memory or external) to install apps entirely in external storage and link to an internal folder, allowing the device to access app data as if it were in the device’s internal memory. Now, all your apps are safe from formatting, unless of course you format your SD card in which case this will not help you.

Please provide some feedback for the dev and bug reports as well if you come across anything that should be fixed.

Many devices have two storage units (internal and external).

Most programs (games, GPS, etc) do not check this and work with internal storage memory.

This is useful for all users, some of whom prefer to store their data in external memory (removable).

You can find more information in the original thread.

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