Chrome 59 for Android Improves Page Loading Times; Adds Support for PNGs

Chrome 59 for Android Improves Page Loading Times; Adds Support for PNGs

With over 1 billion users, Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular browser out there. Google Chrome comes pre-loaded on all Android smartphones and offers seamless browsing experience across multiple platforms thanks to its tight integration with other Google services.

A new update to Chrome for Android is now rolling out in the Google Play Store which bumps the app version to v59. While the new update doesn’t bring a whole lot of new features, it does, however, bring some under-the-hood improvements which will surely boost your browsing experience Android.

Google states the new update comes with an updated JavaScript engine that not only load web pages faster when browsing, it also now consumes less memory when doing so. This should definitely improve the browsing experience for those running on low-memory devices. The boost in performance comes from the new V8 JavaScript engine in Chrome that Google talked about back in April. Google claims that with the new improved JavaScript Engine in, web pages now load 10 to 20 percent faster when compared to the previous version.

Other things being equal, the improvements in performance should be best felt when browsing JavaScript-heavy sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Wikipedia.

Apart from performance improvements and stability fixes, the new update also adds support for animated PNGs. While other browsers such as Opera and Firefox have long supported PNGs, it’s only now that Google is finally adding support for the feature. PNGs are similar to GIFs but they can have a full 24-bit color spectrum, and support 8-bit transparency.

All these features are now live in the stable version of Chrome 59. The new update is gradually rolling out in the Google Play Store, so it might take some time before it goes live for everyone.

Source: Chrome Releases Via: 9to5 Google

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