Chrome Beta 39 Brings Reader Mode and Limited Windowed Mode

Chrome Beta 39 Brings Reader Mode and Limited Windowed Mode

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This past week has certainly been a good one for Google fans. In the span of the last seven days, we’ve seen updates to Chrome Stable, Hangouts for Chrome We even got to see a screenshot showing the Material Design-laden future of Google Now. Now, we’ve got yet another update to share, and this time it’s to the Chrome Beta channel.

Coming in at version 39.0.2171.25, Chrome Beta 39 brings many new feature additions that one would expect from a major version number bump. For starters, there’s a new “Reader Mode,” which can be accessed by pressing menu and clicking the Reader mode option (with a dog paw icon). Once enabled, Reader mode strips webpage formatting to make text content incredibly easy to read on mobile devices with limited screen real estate. This can be seen in the screenshot on the left.

Chrome Beta 39 also brings slightly tweaked menu and tab animations. In addition, certain users on Reddit have even noticed that Chrome Beta 39 can even open in a popup window under certain circumstances such as select custom ROMs or the Android L developer preview. However, this seems to be broken for many (yours truly included), so your mileage will obviously vary. Finally, this new beta also brings a few new bugs to quite a few users, where all the context menu text disappears. This can be seen in the screenshot on the right. So if this happens to you, you may want to revert to Chrome Stable.

As is the case with all Chrome Beta updates, this update is now live for everyone with access to Google Play. But since not everyone has access to Google Play, we’ve gone ahead and mirrored the APK on Google Drive thanks to XDA Portal Supporter MihirGosai!

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