Chrome for Android to be Updated with WebGL 2.0 Soon

Chrome for Android to be Updated with WebGL 2.0 Soon

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The WebGL JavaScript API makes it possible to display hardware-accelerated 3D graphics on websites and it’s becoming more and more popular these days. In version 56 of Chrome for Windows, macOS, and Linux, those with modern graphics hardware can now take advantage of WebGL 2.0. This is a major upgrade to the API that enables the possibility of websites to display a variety of new graphics features, as well as some advanced rendering techniques.

Google recently updated Chrome for the desktop for version 57 though, so if Chrome is your desktop browser of choice then you’ve likely had this feature for a while now. The news here is that Google has announced WebGL 2.0 will be coming to Chrome for Android “soon.” In this specific post, Google did not reveal any details about when this will happen, but Google is also in the middle of rolling out version 57 to Android users at this time.

Google highlighted some changes that are in this update just yesterday, and WebGL 2.0 was not mentioned in the post at all. However, Google also announced that the beta channel of Chrome for Android is being updated to version 58 right now. When sifting through their enormous Git log for the update, we did notice that WebGL 2.0 is being enabled by default in this version. This doesn’t mean it will be available in the stable build of version 58, but it is likely to happen.

This new update to bring Chrome up to WebGL 2.0 will actually bring it to feature parity with OpenGL ES 3.0. Along with its new rendering capabilities, the updated API also introduces a substantially expanded conformance test suite that see Chrome passing 100% of these tests across multiple GPU vendors. These tests Google mentions were performed on the desktop platform, but they did not mention if they were able to achieve the same success on Android.

Source: Chromium Blog