Chrome OS 64 Rolling Out with New Screenshot Shortcut, Android VPN Integration, and More

Chrome OS 64 Rolling Out with New Screenshot Shortcut, Android VPN Integration, and More

As we comb through the plethora of commits that Google makes to their open source projects, we tend to discover some features that are being worked on. This is somewhat similar to the various APK Teardowns we’ve done where you can find new code that has has been added to the codebase that has yet to be activated for public use. We’ve been watching over the changes happening with Chrome OS behind the scenes lately, and a couple of features we reported on earlier have now made it into the stable branch of Chrome OS in version 64.

So for example, back in September 2017 we discovered a new commit that indicated Google was working on adding tighter VPN integration when it came to Chrome OS and Android. Because of the way Google implemented Android applications into the OS, there was a conflict when applying a VPN with an Android application as traffic from Chrome OS wasn’t routing through the VPN like one would expect. This was an issue and that commit we discovered aimed to resolve the issue.

Another commit that we discovered showed evidence of Chrome OS getting Android-like screenshot functionality. Before, Chrome OS had two different ways of taking a screenshot with ctrl + switch window key taking a complete screenshot, and ctrl + shift + switch window key taking a partial screenshot. Google wanted taking screenshots to be as easy on Chrome OS as on Android and the new commit showed they wanted to use the power button + volume down button combination for taking a screenshot when in tablet mode.

So with the latest stable update for Chrome OS that is rolling out right now, these features and more have been added to the platform. We have the full changelog for the update detailed down below.

Chrome OS v64 Changelog

  • Take screenshots faster on Chromebooks with a 360-degree hinge by pressing the power and volume down buttons at the same time
  • Revamped Intent Picker for Play Applications (Same window by default with override)
  • Lockscreen Performance Improvements
  • Enable VPN for Google Play Apps
  • Enhancements to our protected media pipeline for Android
  • Android Container Auto Update Optimizations
  • Touchscreen pairing settings

Source: Google

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